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Thursday, November 30, 2023

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#aTypicalInterview: “People think we’re always stoned, that’s not true” - German rock band Milky Chance

German rock band Milky Chance. Supplied image.

German rock band Milky Chance. Supplied image.

Published Jul 2, 2023


Johannesburg - This week we feature German rock band Milky Chance.

The band, which consists of vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein, bassist and percussionist Philipp Dausch, and their band members, Antonio Greger and Sebastian Schmidt released their first single, ‘Stolen Dance’ in April 2013, topping the charts in several countries. It also won the 1Live Krone radio award for Best Single.

Their debut album, Sadnecessary was released in October 2013 and included the single ’Down by the River’. The album peaked at number 14 in Germany, and in 2014, Spin named Sadnecessary their Album of the Week.

The band made their TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live in October 2014, and won the European Border Breakers awards that month.

They started a tour of North America in late 2014, performing at venues such as the House of Blues and festivals such as Coachella.

Their new album, 'Living In A Haze', which dropped recently, had some impressive debuts worldwide: number 13 in Switzerland, number 16 in Germany, number 22 in Austria, number 80 in Canada, number 195 in France and number 12 in US Alternative. This saw their streams soar by 30%, to. 4.5 million, that week alone.

German rock band Milky Chance. Supplied image.

Milky Chance are able to tour with any band in the world. Whom do you guys choose and why?

James Brown. Best music, best band.

Every band has a wild road trip story. Tell us about yours?

We were on a European Tour and the engine of the tour bus broke in the middle of nowhere on our way to Barcelona.

We had to wait at a gas station for two hours to get picked up by another bus. Everyone was very tired and, finally, we went on. Half an hour later, we realised that we forgot one of the band members, so we had to drive back all the way. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep the sheep together.

The one thing that has caught your attention on social media in the past week is?

A cow and a duck being best friends and swimming in a lake.

German rock band Milky Chance. Supplied image.

Three things that Milky Chance have to have with them whenever they tour?

1. Mental and Physical Health

2. Stamina

3. Lots of Fun

A wild night out or Netflix and Chill?

A wild night out, and then Netflix and Chill.

Favourite German food?


Best venue the band has performed at?

There are too many incredible venues in this world which makes it kind of impossible to pick one. But Red Rocks is definitely up there.

The band is hosting a dinner. You are able to invite any three guests from around the world. Who do you choose and why?

Biden, Putin and Xi Jinping. We would have THC-infused Muffins for dessert and would laugh our asses off. We would have the best time together. Then, the power of love would overcome the love of power and the world would know peace.

German rock band Milky Chance. Supplied image.

The biggest misconception people have of Milky Chance?

That we‘re always stoned. Sorry, it’s not true.

They key to a successful music career?

If you feel joy and excitement and some sort of relief while creating the art that you’re doing, that’s a very good foundation. The rest is written in the stars.