#aTypicalInterview: Prime Circle’s Ross Learmonth on his love for science and astronomy

Prime Circle’s Ross Learmonth. Supplied image.

Prime Circle’s Ross Learmonth. Supplied image.

Published Mar 19, 2023


Johannesburg - This week, we feature vocalist, musician and lyricist Ross Learmonth.

Learmonth is best known as the lead singer of South African rock royalty Prime Circle and has spent the past two decades breaking international boundaries with his band.

As well as being at the forefront of one of South Africa's most successful rock bands, Learmonth has also launched his solo music career and will soon be releasing his solo album, Carousel.

Prime Circle's frontman Ross Learmonth performs on Friday night. Picture: Jason Boud.

The greatest rock band to ever live is?

So hard to say. For me, the band that got me and so many into music was Nirvana. They did things their own way, and changed the way we all look at music.

You are able to collaborate with any SA musician on a song. Who do you choose to collaborate with ?

Jesse Clegg. He is a super-talented songwriter, artist and humble human. We may have a few things in the pipeline … and he is on the line-up for ‘A Big Day Out’ in Harties on April 2nd to celebrate my album launch!

Your favourite Prime Circle song is…?

Also a very hard question. I think ghost is my favourite. Writing that song helped me through a very dark time in my life. No matter where it is on the set list, it always hits hard, and people seem to just relate with the song in another way.

Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on ?

I have no idea. I think, luckily, I’ve only been on good dates.

What one thing has caught your eye on social media in the last week ?

I am a huge fan of science and astronomy. I like to follow things more than people, to be honest, way more important than my resting, but anything from the James Webb telescope is just amazing. The images that are coming back of the universe are incredible. What a time to live in.

Your favourite take away burger in SA is …?

JOZI BURGER, it’s a small burger joint at Randsteam shopping centre, and they make the most amazing cheese burger I have ever had - hands down!!

You are able to watch any live sports fixture around the world. What do you choose to watch and why ?

I don’t really watch sport. I usually watch skateboarding videos on YouTube, if I do, but mainly I just watch live shows and music.

Prime Circle frontman Ross Learmonth. Supplied image.

The one thing that most people don’t know about you is …?

That I am an aspiring painter. I love to create paintings and sketches. It’s something that I can escape into and not have to think so much. Nice to turn the world off around you and just be.

You’re on death row. You are allowed one last meal and drink of your choice. What do you choose to have?

Most likely a pizza and a coke zero. It may be boring but it’s such a classic.

The one song title that best describes your life right now is..?

“Wild”, everything is wild at the moment, from bringing out my debut solo album to launching it at my own mini festival on the 2nd of April, taking those big leaps from the hypothetical to the real thing, my life is slit of new things all at once, and it’s truly wild at the moment, and I love it.