Celebrity Tiffany Barbuzano as Jessica in the local drama, Still Breathing. Picture: Courtesy of M-Net
Celebrity Tiffany Barbuzano as Jessica in the local drama, Still Breathing. Picture: Courtesy of M-Net

#aTypicalInterview: Tiffany Barbuzano loves watching videos of people eating on TikTok

By Sameer Naik Time of article published Aug 10, 2020

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Johannesburg - South African actress and writer Tiffany Barbuzano is best known for her role in the hit series Still Breathing (2020) on M-Net and Showmax.

She plays a starring role and is the head writer. The actress is also well known for her roles in Netflix’s new comedy movie Seriously Single as well as TV series Sober Companion.

You are able to star alongside any actor in the world in a movie of your choice. Who do you choose?

Absolutely Elizabeth Moss. I adore her. She is an intuitive actress. Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag), because we would have written the movie together and made sure we had the parts of our dreams. And then leading men? Let’s add Mark Ruffalo. I have a talent crush on that guy. A good actor has something in their eyes, like they are transformed into the characters they play.

Locally? If you’ve seen Still Breathing, my dream co-stars are all right there.

The best and worst thing about working with your husband?

He’s my husband… and he’s my husband.

The meal that reminds you of your childhood?

Food is so evocative of memories for me. I adore food. The smell of flapjacks on a cast iron pan. My Nana Ruth (my dad’s mom) was an incredible baker. My sister and I would ask for a cake and the next minute, there it would be. Almost like magic. Nothing was ever too much of an ask for her. Roast chicken and veggies… My mom made the most delicious veggies. She still does. Oh, and the smell of a cooked breakfast on a skottel braai. We caravaned a lot when I was little, and my Dad was a whizz at making bacon, eggs and all the trimmings on a skottel. Man, food is nostalgia for sure.

One thing that people don’t know about Tiffany Barbuzano?

I love muckbang videos on TikTok. Muckbang is when people record themselves eating. It’s bizarre but addictive.

Your most embarrassing moment as an actress?

Embarrassing and devastating. I was called to go for an interview with my Sober Companion co-star, Trevor Gumbi. The person conducting the interview (and his team) thought I was Trevor’s assistant. I was told to sit on the floor, in the corner, while the interview was conducted. Talk about a lesson in ego management! It was terrible. I wrote Sober Companion (with an awesome team) and was one of the leads, so that was a moment to learn.

You’ve been elected as the president of South Africa. What is your first order of business?

Opening liquor sales? Just kidding. Addressing the issue of gender-based violence.

Your top three TV series?

Aside from Still Breathing, I loved Handmaid’s Tale (closer to reality now than ever before – it’s weird) Stranger Things and I May Destroy You.

Your top three lockdown activities to keep you entertained?

Working out. It’s kept me sane. Writing my “Corona diaries” (I do one every day and post on Instagram and Facebook, so my boys have a record of what this monumental time in our lives was like when they’re older.) Cooking! And connecting with people I love.

You can step into a boxing ring with any South African celebrity for a fight. Who would you choose?

The cast of Still Breathing. One round each. Just for control… hahahaha. It would mean we’d get to spend more time together. I adore those guys.

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