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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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BuildRSA: A movement for a better South Africa

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Published Sep 11, 2023


Johannesburg - In the vibrant and diverse tapestry of South Africa, a new movement is emerging—one that seeks to harness the collective wisdom, talent, and passion of its people to address some of the nation’s most pressing challenges.

Known as BuildRSA, this movement claims to be more than just an initiative, making a rallying cry for unity, action, and innovation.

At its core, BuildRSA embodies the belief that South Africa’s destiny lies in the hands of its own citizens.

It is a call to action, an invitation for every South African to participate in shaping a brighter future for their country.

The new movement is built on five fundamental principles that guide its actions and aspirations:

South Africa cannot build itself

- BuildRSA recognizes that South Africa’s development cannot be achieved through neglect or passivity. The nation requires active engagement and participation from its people to overcome its challenges and realise its potential.

Attracting the best minds

- To succeed, South Africa must draw upon the expertise and innovation of its own citizens. The movement rejects the notion of outsourcing development to external actors, and instead encourages the nation to tap into its homegrown talent and brilliance.

Shared responsibility

- Every action that harms South Africa or its people is a loss for the entire nation and future generations. BuildRSA fosters a sense of collective responsibility, emphasising that the well-being of one South African is intricately linked to the well-being of all.

Constructive dialogue and prioritisation

- BuildRSA advocates for constructive dialogue and the prioritisation of initiatives that can make South Africa a better country. It encourages thoughtful, forward-looking discussions that lead to tangible solutions for the nation’s challenges.

Collaboration and support

- The movement is open to working with like-minded individuals and organisations that share its vision and values. Collaboration is seen as a cornerstone of progress, and BuildRSA welcomes those who are willing to support and not hinder its efforts.

Engaging the nation

BuildRSA has embarked on a mission to engage South Africans from all walks of life. Their approach involves visiting universities, community centres, and places of interest to connect with citizens and seek their input. They ask a simple yet profound question: “How would you build South Africa” .

Through these conversations, BuildRSA aims to tap into the wisdom and creativity of the people, ensuring that everyone has a voice in the nation's transformation.

The ultimate vision of BuildRSA is to see every South African playing a role in building a better nation.

It envisions a South Africa where all citizens actively contribute to solutions for issues such as unemployment, inequality, education, healthcare, and more.

By harnessing the collective power of its people, BuildRSA believes that South Africa can rise above its challenges and become the best country to live in.

BuildRSA is more than a movement; it is a testament to the resilience, determination, and unity of the South African people.

It recognises that the solutions to the nation’s most pressing challenges are within its borders and within the hearts and minds of its citizens.

Through its founding principles of shared responsibility, collaboration, and constructive dialogue, BuildRSA aims to pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous South Africa—one that is built by South Africans, for South Africans.

As the movement gains momentum, it offers hope and inspiration to a nation poised to overcome its challenges and realise its full potential.

To join BuildRSA in building a better South Africa you can find out more on

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