Celebrate International Yoga Day at South Africa's largest gathering

The record-breaking yoga event is held at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium. Picture: File

The record-breaking yoga event is held at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium. Picture: File

Published Jun 22, 2024


South Africa today hosts the largest yoga event on the African continent, marking International Day of Yoga 2024, showcasing the nation's growing appreciation for this ancient practice.

The celebration happens at the Wanderers Cricket Stadium in Johannesburg as a signatory to the United Nations resolution promoting the day.

Yoga is known to promote holistic wellness through mindful movement and breath work, empowering individuals to connect with themselves and the environment and fostering peace and responsibility for a sustainable future.

Mahesh Kumar, Consul General, Johannesburg, said they are thrilled to celebrate the day.

“The Consulate General of India is thrilled to celebrate International Yoga Day 2024 with a record-breaking event.

“Yoga is a gift to humanity, offering a path to physical and mental well-being for all. We're encouraged to see the growth of yoga studios in South Africa, building on last year's success, where over 7,500 people participated in one of the biggest events on the continent.

“South Africa's endorsement of International Yoga Day reflects its commitment to national well-being. This exciting event features renowned instructors, informative workshops, live demonstrations, and opportunities to connect with fellow yoga enthusiasts,” Kumar said.

SA’s diplomatic missions in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg have actively embraced the promotion of yoga, fostering a growing community of yoga practitioners across the nation.

He further says SA is home to a diverse range of mainstream yoga schools and studios, reflecting the widespread adoption of this ancient practice.

The flourishing yoga scene, with its diverse studios and schools across the country, underscores this widespread adoption.

The event, partnering with major medical insurers Liberty Medical Insurance, Discovery, Momentum, Virgin Active, and Planet Fitness, emphasises yoga's health benefits and the business community's commitment to well-being.

It is believed that yoga's core principles of mindfulness and peaceful coexistence directly contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for poverty reduction, clean water, and climate action.

As former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remarked, yoga fosters awareness of consumption habits and promotes peace.

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