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Monday, December 11, 2023

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Celebrate Science and Environmental Awareness at the Science Film Festival Family Day

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Supplied image.

Published Oct 30, 2023


Johannesburg - The Goethe-Institut and Play Africa are proud to present ‘The Science Film Festival Family Day’, a day filled with engaging films, insightful discussions, thrilling science experiments, and more for people of all age groups at the Goethe-Institut South Africa today.

The Science Film Festival is a significant celebration of science communication spanning South-east Asia, South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. In collaboration with local partners, this festival aims to enhance science literacy and raise awareness about contemporary scientific, technological, and environmental issues through international films complemented by educational activities.

Visitors can look forward to a feast for the eyes but also a stimulating experience for the mind in an array of thought provoking films that shed light on pressing environmental concerns, particularly focusing on climate change. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions surrounding vital topics on climate change, participate in hands-on science activities, and witness captivating science experiments. For the younger audience, there will be specially curated science activities, ensuring that learning is a fun and interactive experience for all.

This event is open to everyone, from families and students to science enthusiasts and environmental advocates. Whether you are passionate about science or simply curious about the world around you, the Science Film Festival Family Day offers a unique platform to explore, learn, and engage.

“In the 2023 edition, the theme is a rallying call for the protection and revival of ecosystems all around the world, which supports the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, emphasising the importance of restoring our natural habitats for a sustainable future. Join us on this remarkable day of discovery and enlightenment to celebrate the wonders of science, raise awareness about climate change, and work towards a greener, more sustainable future for all,” said Carolin Christgau, Head of Culture & Development at the Goethe-Institut.

Event Details

Date: 28th October 2023

Time: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Venue: Goethe-Institut South Africa, 119 Jan Smuts Ave, Parkwood, 2193.

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