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The entry to the Palace is majestic especially at dusk. Pictures: Dr Norman Cahi

The entry to the Palace is majestic especially at dusk. Pictures: Dr Norman Cahi

Published Feb 28, 2024


A True South African success story is what the incredible Sun City Resort is. On December 7, 1979, Sol Kerzner, the “Sun King”, welcomed the international glitterati to his palace in the desert.

My parents took me to this place in what was known as BophuthaTswana, whose president was Lucas Mangope. Over the following 45 years I have had the pleasure and privilege of visiting this beautiful place many, many times over and my visit this past weekend reconfirmed my treasured memories of enjoying this palace of pleasures.

The following images are but just a peep into The Palace of the Lost City at sunrise and sunset and in between.

The exquisite work of art of wildlife in motion has become a landmark piece at the entrance of The Palace.
The Roman Amphitheater at the Royal Palace.
Award winning architectural design of this spectacular hotel.
I have a “thing” for doors and this is awesome to me.
The man made ancient ruins are so authentic in appearance.
The Valley of the Waves draws millions of visitors annually to landlocked Gauteng.
The most sensational sunset from the top of The King’s Tower of The Palace.
Only the finest craftsmen were used in the construction of Sun City and today the evidence is all over. Marble inlaid floors. Solid Wood doors. Heavy Brass finishes. Evocative lighting. Plush fabrics so easy on the eyes.
The Crystal Court remains to this day one of the most beautiful and celebrated rooms in which to dine, take high tea or simply enjoy its superb scenery.

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