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Friday, August 19, 2022

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Father's Day tips and tricks from the luxury experts

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Supplied image.

Published Jun 16, 2022


Johannesburg - Father’s Day will be marked across the globe this Sunday. A day when we celebrate the father figures in our lives and honour the importance of paternal bonds in society. While the definition of these roles may have changed over the last century, fathers in their various guises hold an important place in the family. It’s in honour of their love, energy and time that we mark this day with a little something special for Dad.

For the foodie:

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How to best pair food & wine to celebrate Father's Day – tips by Jennifer Hugé of FYN & beyond

The best way to pair wine with food is to always match the weight of the food with the depth of the wine, an important note for epicureans this Father’s Day.

FYN’s Japanese style for example is light so you can expect more light weight wine pairings and also food paired with wines that have umami character. On our signature menu you can experience the delicious sashimi plate that is light and delicate paired with an aromatic motherland’s Cape Point Reserve Sauvignon blanc 2015, bringing more complexity and deeper spiciness. Our creamy mushroom crème brulée is paired with a delicate 2011 vintage Chenin blanc – the tertiary aroma gives an earthy character compliment to the rich crème brulée.

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How to best enjoy vintage fine wine – tips by James Pietersen of fine wine merchants

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to invest in a new collection or open that special bottle. Start with as little as 3 to 6 of the best bottles you can afford; cellar them and keep an eye on their ideal drinking windows. When the time comes to opening a bottle, glassware can make all the difference. Thin-lipped, stemmed and narrowing to the top is the name of the game and Gabriel Glas offers the best all-purpose solution, be it champagne, burgundy or shiraz.

Temperature is the next consideration. The rule of thumb is the lighter the cooler, the fuller bodied the less chilled. This goes for red wines too, with ideal temperatures for the lighter, casual reds at around 12-14 degrees and more full-bodied reds at 15-16 degrees to allow these wines to evolve in the glass.

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To decant or not to decant? Younger, medium-full bodied reds benefit from a bit of air, so decant 2- 3 hours before serving. For older vintage wines, decanting just before serving removes any sediment that has dropped out.

For the self-care fanatic:

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How to care for your skin – tips by Dr Judey Pretorius of Biomedical Emporium

Dr Judey, a Biomedical Scientist and Founder of Biomedical Emporium believes that skincare does not discriminate between ethnicities or sexes. Skin, she says, is as unique as your fingerprint. She recommends trying the facial cleanser that deeply cleanses and gently removes impurities without disturbing skin barrier integrity, desensitises irritation and provides light exfoliation. It also doubles as a shaving cream.

Another of her Father’s Day favourites is the Collagen Serum which delivers potent anti-ageing results by promoting the cell’s ability to uphold collagen and elastin. Better yet, book a treatment with Dr Judey in person.

For the champagne enthusiast:

How to enjoy champagne – tips by the experts at Moët & Chandon

From the ideal temperature to how best to pop the cork, Moët & Chandon is sharing tips to enjoy and serve champagne perfectly this Father’s Day. Watch Pelayo Diaz as he goes through the motions.

Hint: turn the bottle, never the cork.