Golden nugget of a hotel stay in Joburg

Comfy bedrooms and a sky a bar that is second to none await visitors at the Southern Sun, Sandton. Picture: Kashiefa Ajam

Comfy bedrooms and a sky a bar that is second to none await visitors at the Southern Sun, Sandton. Picture: Kashiefa Ajam

Published Dec 30, 2023


For many, many South Africans, 2023 will go down as the most exhausting, terrifying and stressful year.

I would have to agree. I am still recovering. I'm not there yet.

And like for many others, a comfy bed, uninterrupted electricity, room service and a fabulous meal (and no doing the dishes afterward) is an exhilarating thought.

This is exactly what the Southern Sun Sandton Hotel offers its guests, a home away from home, but not so much that you fail to see the luxury of it all.

Situated in the heart of the business pulse of Africa, Southern Sun Sandton exudes luxury from the moment you enter the building, with its soft lighting and beautiful finishes.

My son was enthralled. There are not many shiny things like this at home.

His voice grows ever louder as he admires everything while we wait to check in.

It is our mother and son hotel sleepover, which I had promised to take him on. A bonding session to catch up, if you will.

Previously known as the Holiday Inn Sandton, the Southern Sun Sandton is the perfect place for a mini getaway, right here in Joburg.

Southern Sun, Sandton. Picture: Kashiefa Ajam

A stone's throw from Sandton City, and Nelson Mandela Square, the Gautrain station and Joburg's vibrant nightlife, it offers a diverse range of activities if you're so inclined.

And if you're not, the stunning rooftop pool or the picturesque Skye Bar, with its views of the City of Gold from the hotel's 9th floor is the ideal place to kick off and unwind. Or, you could just simply stay in your spacious, comfortable and beautifully kitted out room with all the amenities at your fingertips, and forget the world.

Whatever you choose, you're in for a treat with this family friendly yet elegant hotel.

It's easy to get caught up with mundane day-to-day tasks - me with editing an entire newspaper and him with his school subjects including maths, philosophy and coding - we forget to talk. Really talk.

This was the point of this mini vacay.

And although it was just one night, our short stay at Southern Sun was a memorable one, exactly what we needed. He still talks about it.

And I got to know my boy a little better.

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