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How to get closer to yourself during the national lockdown

By Karishma Dipa Time of article published Mar 24, 2020

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South Africans are among the millions of people around the world who have been urged to practise self-isolation and social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic which has swept across the globe.

While this might severely affect your social life and weekend plans, there are still many entertaining things you can do to keep you and your loved ones occupied in the coming weeks.


The Fourth Industrial Revolution has literally brought the world to your fingertips. In terms of content, you can now stream the world’s most acclaimed movies, series, reality shows and documentaries in the comfort of your home. For a reasonable monthly fee and a standard wi-fi connection, South Africans can access a range of platforms including Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime Video.

For those without an internet connection, there are still a multitude of channels to enjoy through DStv and SABC channels.


The convenience of the modern world has also meant that our lifestyles are busier than ever as people try to balance, work, family, social lives and household chores.

This period of isolation is the perfect opportunity to unwind and catch up on the books you have been meaning to read but have been too otherwise occupied to do so.

There is literature available to suit any taste but if you don’t have any hard copies on hand, e-books, which are publications made available in digital form are now easily accessible and offer a range of genres to enjoy.


While gyms and fitness studios are now deemed high-risk areas during the coronavirus outbreak due to large gatherings of people in a confined space, social distancing does not have to mean that you can’t exercise at all.

In fact, physical activity has been proven to boost your immune system, has psychological benefits, is a powerful stress reliever and can aid depression and anxiety.

In order to stay active, there are a range of home workouts to enjoy through digital means and can be enjoyed with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

You can also walk, jog, run or take a hike this weekend.

Cook or order in:

Being forced to remain indoors could be the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen and try out those age-old recipes handed down from generation to generation. You could also expand your taste buds and cook something completely new and different to entertain your palate.

If you are not accustomed to or enjoy the kitchen, there are still several safe food delivery options which will be operational during the coronavirus outbreak.

In a bid to support social distancing, Mr D Food has launched Drop Off Deliveries to give its customers the preference to have their meals dropped off at their door without having to physically collect them.

OrderIn has also said in order to minimise person-to-person contact on deliveries, they were in the process of reviewing and implementing contactless delivery or “leave at door” options though their apps.

Organise and DIY:

Clutter in a home is inevitable for many people who lead busy lives.

Now is the opportunity to organise all your draws, cupboards and possessions. You can finally get rid of things you no longer need and once the coronavirus outbreak subsides, donate it to those less fortunate.

You also finally have the time to tackle some interior improvements such as painting walls, upholstering old furniture or rearranging a room.

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