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Picture: Pexels.

'I’m not the man in Sandton sex video', says dad as he sets out to sue

By Karishma Dipa Time of article published Feb 8, 2020

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Johannesburg - IT’S the video that’s got everyone talking on Twitter. Viewed thousands of times, retweeted and commented upon, it has been trending for the last 48 hours.

Shot in the evening, apparently sometime this week - from a next door building - the video shows a man and a woman in flagrante.

The man is naked with his back to the camera. The woman is in a yellow dress. The action soon develops into full-blown sex atop what looks like a boardroom table - to the delight, faux shock and ribald commentary of the Twitterverse - all the way through to the ultimate denouement.

For Zahed Sibda, though, it’s no laughing matter. Named and shamed on social media as the man with his back to the window, the father of two and managing director of Sandton investment company Fieldstone Private Capital, has denied he is the man in the video.

Infuriated by the “irresponsible social media behaviour”, he intends hunting down the person who first posted his picture and suing them.

His company issued a statement claiming the assignation occurred in the office below theirs.

“Categorically, these are not Fieldstone’s offices and the people in the video are not our employees.

"We understand that the company in whose offices the incident occurred has taken disciplinary action against the participants,” the statement read.

Sibda said: “My mother, children, family and friends are all disturbed by this. I have been trolled and falsely accused of something I didn’t do.”

Fieldstone condemned the posting of the video and the naming of its managing director, vowing to stand by him.

“While prurient gossip is understandable, it is regrettable,” it said.

“It is even more regrettable that the good name of our managing director, Zahed Sibda, is being tarnished through allegations made with absolutely no proof.

“We are deeply sorry that an employee of ours has been accused and are extending every support to him. We reserve our legal rights with regards to the originator of the scandal.”

Meanwhile, social media is having a field day. Some people are dusting off their CVs to work in Africa’s richest square mile, while others are posting pictures of themselves in yellow dresses hoping to advance their careers vertically by taking the lateral route.

One enterprising individual has set the now viral clip to music, while others have been rather disparaging of the man’s prowess.

Katherine & West Body Corporate, which owns the office block, Fieldstone and the unnamed company that apparently employed the amorous staffers, moved hard to distance itself from the matter, saying it had no control over the behaviour of staff working for other companies.

“We urge all management to discuss conduct matters with their staff,” it said.

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