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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Keeping in shape during the festive season

CONTENDER: Steffi Brink, the wife of actor Clint Brink, is a castaway.

CONTENDER: Steffi Brink, the wife of actor Clint Brink, is a castaway.

Published Dec 19, 2020


Keeping fit and healthy during the festive season isn’t easy. With all the delicious temptations around the holiday season, fitness and health often take a back seat.

The Saturday Star has teamed up with lifestyle outlet West Pack and several leading fitness and lifestyle South African influencers to launch the 12 Days Fit Christmas Campaign, to help readers keep in shape.

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The campaign, which was launched this week, encourages people to have fun and keep fit and healthy.

Over the next week, readers can look forward to some exciting health and fitness content on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well as on, from the likes of Survivor SA star finalist Steffi Brink, Binnelanders actor Clint Brink and SA hurdles champion Rickenette Steenkamp.

We chatted to some of them to get their take on what it takes to keep fit during the festive season.

Teixeira Murray – 2020 Biogen Face of Fitness finalist

Four years ago I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and I was determined to heal my body naturally. Exercise and sensible eating is vital to my health and the festive season should be no different especially because we tend to indulge.

Ensure you drink lots of water, especially after indulgence of sugary or alcoholic treats. Try to move daily for at least 30 mins.

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CONTENDER: Steffi Brink, the wife of actor Clint Brink, is a castaway.

Steffie Brink – Survivor SA finalist:

Keeping fit during the festive season is important because we overindulge. Staying fit also means your mind gets a workout, that means mind and body stay healthy and stay active!

My health tip for the festive season is make sure you eat your fruits and veggies! Even if it means making a mean green smoothie and downing it. Keep feeding mind and body! And one more tip: REST! Make sure you take time to just relax!

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Paige Cassidy – yoga expert

Staying active over the festive season is a good way to keep the balance and also have fun. Keeping fit does not have to be a burden or torture, you can make it fit for your festive season!

We tend to spend a lot of time out and about and in the sun during the festive season so my key tips would be to:

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* Drink as much water as possible.

* Try to be active even if just for 30 minutes every day, even a walk is good.

* Rest well, get good sleep during this time. It's just as important to rest in order to be healthy.

Rikenette Steenkamp – SA Hurdles Champion

South Africans have an amazing food culture, so in the festive season it's important to keep moving to avoid feeling sluggish and ending the year more tired than we started. Exercise also has a wonderful way of getting people outdoors in nature which has so many therapeutic benefits for body and mind.

Be present: many people are planning and prepping for next year, and are focused on making up for time and resources in 2020, but resting and starting the year rejuvenated will help you start strong and avoid burnout.

Tertia Dippenaar – editor and mommy blogger

It's vitally important to keep fit during the silly season we tend to overindulge, leaving us feeling somewhat negative about ourselvs in January.

* Drink water and exercise

* Portion control is key

* Limit your alcohol consumption

* Set small realistic goals

* Don't be too hard on yourself

Natasha Kisten – fitness influencer

You've also spent the entire year meeting your fitness and life goals. Why double the work in the new year to have to reach those goals again?

* Try as best as possible to get your minimum of 8 hours sleep daily

* Refuel with H20!

*Spend as much time as possible with your family making beautiful memories.

*Try to keep to a healthy, balanced diet.

*Be safe!

Nick Gindre

Nick Gindre – former professional Argentinian footballer

Try to work out at least four times a week, hydrate and enjoy festive food, but moderation is key.

Farai Gomwe

Farai Gomwe – fitness model

As most of us will have new health and fitness goals as New Year's resolutions in 2021, having everything in moderation now is key to making that health transition easier. So, enjoy yourself but avoid overindulging and of course, stay hydrated.

Durban 201013: Simba Mhere and Clint Brink at the IBV VIP Children’s day. A fun day for 2 500 orphaned and underprivileged children held at the Durban Exhibition centre. Picture: Shelley Kjonstad

Clint Brink – actor

Somehow we always fall into the rut of losing fitness and gaining weight over the festive season, only to scramble come January to get back into the swing. Keeping fit over December is easier due to less time constraints and it can be fun by doing outdoor activities. Stay healthy over December, and January will be so much rosier.

Drink lots of water. Eat smart, try to avoid the unnecessary snacking. Try to move for at least 30min every day.

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