MiSchool: Korean embassy hosts taekwondo championships

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Published Oct 23, 2023


Johannesburg - Last Saturday, on October 14, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in South Africa, in collaboration with TuksTaekwondo and the South African Tae Kwon Do Federation, held the 14th Ambassador’s Cup Taekwondo Championship at Rembrandt Hall, University of Pretoria.

About 200 tae kwon do trainees participated and competed to showcase their individual skills in three categories: Poomsae (pattern of movements), Gyeorugi (sparring), and High Kick.

This year’s edition was structured as a club competition, emphasising unity and promoting club activities among South African tae kwon do clubs. In addition to individual medals, three trophies were awarded to the outstanding clubs based on the combined score they earned from their trainees’ performance in each competition.

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The opening ceremony was attended by South Korean ambassador Chull-joo Park, director of TuksSport Steven Ball, and president of the South African Tae Kwon Do Federation David Kok, among many others. The ceremony was highlighted by a special performance of the Ramokoka Wonkwang Taekwondo Club trainees, who showcased the traditional Korean folk music, Samulnori.

During the ceremony, Park reiterated the embassy’s commitment to further promote and support the tae kwon do activities in South Africa. He emphasised the importance of youth engagement, stating: “I urge all present to continue supporting and encouraging tae kwon do participation, especially among the youth. They are the future of this sport, and their dedication and passion will shape the legacy of tae kwon do in our communities.”