Noah expresses gratitude to The Rock for sharing his vulnerability in his first-ever Spotify podcast

Noah expresses gratitude to The Rock for sharing his vulnerability in his first-ever Spotify podcast. Picture: Supplied

Noah expresses gratitude to The Rock for sharing his vulnerability in his first-ever Spotify podcast. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 18, 2023


The much-anticipated original Spotify podcast, What Now? with Trevor Noah, made its thrilling debut, featuring an exclusive interview with renowned actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

In the first episode, internationally acclaimed comedian Noah and Johnson delved into a heartfelt conversation about the actor's troubled youth and his lifelong struggles with depression.

The Rock also discussed the public reaction to the launch of his fund in the aftermath of the Maui fires, as well as his connection to his culture, revealing that Samoan culture stems from the world of pro wrestling.

“At a very early age, from my mom and dad, it was always ‘what you are is perfect’ and ‘what you are is cool.’ Black culture, Samoan culture. We come from a world of pro wrestling. And at that time, Trevor, if you think about it, pro wrestling was nowhere near the global juggernaut that it is today. And it was—it was a very small subculture. So be proud of everything that you are doing outside the gate. It was always ”be proud“. It's a cool thing. And I got to tell you, as you go down the road of life, you start to realise just how special culture is ‒ how special all of our culture is.” he said

One of the highlights shared with the Saturday Star was Noah discussing the importance of spirited conversations.

“If there's one thing I've always loved, it's having a spirited conversation. I've always loved how the words coming out of another person's mouth can change how the mush in your brain processes or sees the world; it's been seen a certain way for such a long time. It feels like this these days, though. We might be losing that ability. Oh, it's become a little bit harder. You know. A few days ago, I was at an event. People were having really interesting and dynamic conversations about really difficult topics ‒ men and women, young and old alike. And every few minutes, somebody would start their opinion with the phrase.” said Noah

“Now, I would never say this in public, but ... Or, I would never say this if I were being recorded, but I found that fascinating. So many of us have opinions and ideas about the world that we live in. We are either unable or unwilling. Or too scared to share. And I thought to myself: if we cannot have conversations about difficult things, if the conversations themselves are now difficult things, then what hope do we have of fixing the difficult things? You know, I almost think of it like a minefield. One of the most dangerous places you can ever walk into is a minefield. Because you do not know where they are. You do not know when your last step will be. All you know is that at any moment, something could blow up. But the danger comes when you step into the minefield. Imagine if discussing how to navigate the minefield was as dangerous as the minefield itself. That's what I feel like we're living in now."

Noah will continue to host special guests in this new podcast, which will include actors, CEOs, entertainers, athletes and thought leaders.

These are also the behind-the-scenes talks where radical candour ‒ real back-and-forth ‒ and honest reactions are the norm.

The comedian contributes his trademark effortlessly playful yet equally probing style to these conversations.

The Rock took to social media to express his appreciation to Noah for having him as his first guest on his podcast.

"I appreciate you, @Trevornoah, having me on as your first ever guest, and thanks to all of you guys out there for enjoying it! Good talks, #WhatNow.”

Noah responded and said, “I'm the one who should be thanking you, brother. You brought your honesty, your vulnerability, and your full mana (moral authority) to the podcast, and I know countless people, including myself, who appreciated that. Cheers to the sexiest man alive!" he said

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