Jacob Zuma is a man with much to lose and desperate to escape accountability

Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News

Picture: Doctor Ngcobo/African News

Published Jul 3, 2021



Johannesburg - The doubts the cynics among us expressed about the ease with which Jacob Zuma would be jailed were justified yesterday when reports stated that the former president would apply for a rescission of the ruling that he be imprisoned for contempt.

Slim though the chances of success are ‒ the Constitutional Court is, after all, the final voice on the law in South Africa ‒ at the very least this action could delay his donning of orange overalls.

With his supporters vowing to prevent his arrest, and voice notes calling on people to shut down major cities in protest, the country's security and intelligence apparatus must be placed on high alert.

There has been much grandstanding and empty rhetoric in his defence this week, but thankfully the minor leaders who once promised to go to jail in his stead have been noticeable by their silence and the throngs at his homestead have been reduced to bit part politicians and underage thrift store militias.

However, this is a man and supporters with much to lose and desperate to escape accountability.

Much has been said by his diehard fans of his service to the liberation of this country and its transition to a successful democracy.

His diehard fans trumpet his contribution to the Struggle and the transition to a successful democracy. They are absolutely correct; Zuma was a patriot ‒ and as a patriot he should submit himself to the laws and institutions of this country.

Now he shows no signs of that early patriotism, only the selfishness of one who regards himself as above the law and as a victim of the system.

Our government dare not waver. It’s time to put the charlatans and rogues in their place and unmask the poseurs. Zuma must go to jail.

The rule of law demands nothing less.

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