PAC president Narius Moloto File picture: Balise Mabona/ANA

Johannesburg - Australian Affairs Minister Peter Dutton can come to our country and collect all his fellow racists, the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) said on Friday. 

This follows Dutton wanting to save white South African farmers from the "horrific circumstances" in their home country. 

Kenneth Mokgatlhe, PAC spokesperson said in a statement that the socialist party was not taken aback to hear the remarks made by Dutton that "some or all white people will be rescued from our country to Sydney". 

"We are not worried at all," Mokgatlhe said."We must all remind ourselves that Australia was stolen by Europeans the same way in which our country was dispossessed from us, native owners. We sympathise with the dispossessed people of Australia, the aboriginal owners of that country who are today landless like a majority of African people in this country," he said.

Peter Dutton is Australia's home affairs minister. File picture: Rob Griffith/AP

Dutton said he was considering fast-tracking visa applications for white South Africans. He claimed the decision was sparked by the "unfair" treatment of white farmers who were being murdered and faced the threat of their land being taken away.

"The PAC invite the Australian Minister to come to our country and collect all his fellow racists who feel that they cannot live together with normal people and go live where they are accepted in that unbecoming society," said Mokgatlhe.

"We uncompromisingly support the indigenous dispossessed Australian to get their land back without compensation from criminals who went around the world capturing land".

Mokgatlhe however reiterated that "PAC welcomed the call by Australian government to collect the land criminals who are not willing to give land back to its rightful owners to go to Australia which has been declared a haven of racists".

The Saturday Star