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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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#PoeticLicence: Are you ready for the rain, my dear friend?

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Published Mar 19, 2023


Johannesburg - Let me ask you this, my dear friend: are you truly content with complacency? Are you content to sit idly by and watch as the world around you descends into chaos and injustice? Is the comfort of the status quo truly worth the cost of your conscience?

While persisting power outages cast a shadow over the land, plunging us into a world of flickering candles and moonlit streets, where the darkness reigns supreme. Where shadows move in silence, dance and slither like a sinister dream, and footsteps echo like a death knell, hollow and bleak.

In our homes, the flicker of candlelight casts eerie shadows on the wall, revealing glimpses of the dark deeds that live within us all.

In the alleys and corners, where the light can’t reach, dark figures lurk and plot as secrets are traded and the sound of broken glass shatters hope. As dreams are crushed and discarded, in the darkness, is where the true nature of humanity is revealed. The darkness is a weighty cloak, a suffocating presence that hangs over us like a looming storm cloud.

Are you ready for the rain, my dear friend?

Do you revel in the ease of doing nothing as the world around us crumbles into darkness and despair? Is it enough for you to simply exist, unaffected by the struggles of those around you?

Eskom has made sure that we have had enough practice in the darkness. So is it the storm that you fear or is it the fire?

We know fires are birthed in the heart of the streets, where a sea of people gather with rage and anger, their voices rise together amidst the chaos, and a towering inferno takes shape.

Tyres set ablaze, like the anger of the oppressed, their flames lick the sky. A symbol of a people’s fury burning bright. Their voices echoing, demanding light, electricity, power to the people!

A storm looms over the land as the winds of change inflict fear. The cause of the tempest? The call for the resignation of the nation’s leader, Cyril Ramaphosa. The EFF are demanding a shift in power, a new dawn on the horizon.

And on the other hand lie weary cries as the nation’s energy crisis rages on like a relentless wildfire, consuming all in its path. The flames of this inferno threaten to engulf the land, leaving only darkness in its wake.

Will the storm of political upheaval or the fire of the energy crisis leave a more devastating impact? The people shudder at the thought, unsure of which force they should fear more.

As the storm clouds gather, the fate of the country hangs in the balance. Will the storm bring relief, or will it rage on, destroying everything in its path?

The fire equally threatens to consume the very foundations of the country, leaving nothing but ashes and ruins in its wake. Which is more fearsome, the storm or the fire? Only time will tell.