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Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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#PoeticLicence: jobs hold the power to uplift entire families

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Published Jun 18, 2023


Johannesburg - In the sun-drenched townships of Gauteng, where hope struggles to find fertile ground, a flicker of light emerged on Youth Day. As we commemorated the struggles and triumphs of the youth of June 16, 1976, the news of 8 000 new jobs danced through the air like a refreshing breeze, soothing the tired souls of those who call these townships home.

Among those who stand on the threshold of this newfound opportunity are the sons and daughters of the township’s sun-kissed soil, their lives etched with the shadows of struggle and adversity. Their spirits, however, radiate with an unbending strength, a testament to the resilience instilled within them by their surroundings.

In their lives, poverty has woven a thread so thick it threatened to consume their dreams, leaving only flickering stars in the distance. Yet, from the cracks in the pavement of their existence, they dared to dream, to aspire for something beyond the boundaries of their circumstances.

And so, with pens poised over the blank canvas of their applications, they etched their names with ink that spoke of determination and longing. Each stroke of the pen breathed life into their aspirations, a resolute belief that dreams could transcend the depths of despair.

The arrival of these jobs will be a silver lining in the clouds that hang heavy over the townships. It is an opportunity for transformation, a glimmer of hope that could illuminate the darkest corners of their lives, of their streets. With their newfound employment, they would be the architects of their own destiny, casting off the shackles of poverty and stepping into a world filled with possibility.

These jobs are more than mere sources of income; they hold the power to uplift entire families, cascading down generations like a river of hope. The ones who will emerge victorious from the sea of applications will carry with them the weight of expectations and the dreams of their loved ones. They will become beacons of inspiration, guiding the path for others to follow.

In the townships, where tattered homes and patched-up roofs stand as reminders of the struggle endured, job opportunities could stir a wind of change; employing young South Africans and raising the collective spirit of their communities.

In the depths of a township, one can yearn for the absence of despair. It is a place where hunger gnaws at empty bellies, where access to quality education is a distant dream, and where health care remains an elusive luxury. The streets echo with the cries of those in need, and the lack of adequate housing casts a shadow over every humble home. It is a realm where joblessness suffocates hope, and crime lurks in the shadows, robbing the community of its peace. In such a place, one can only long for less hunger, less inequality, less sickness, less homelessness, and ultimately, less of the hardships that befall those entangled in the web of poverty.