#PoeticLicence: The walls we build

Rabbie Wrote. Picture by Nokuthula Mbatha

Rabbie Wrote. Picture by Nokuthula Mbatha

Published Feb 11, 2024


We build cities inside ourselves, creating a maze we can't get out of. In our minds, the labyrinth of thoughts constructs walls that sometimes become too high and too long for us to get over ourselves, and fully embrace the present moment. I have learned of the future that comes from embracing the moment.

Today I will be bathed in warm hues and surrounded by the tender embrace of love, I am overjoyed for Sam and his radiant bride. It will be such an honour to witness the union of two souls destined for shared dreams and colourful memories. I wish them nothing less than all the vibrant and vivid shades of the spectrum.

I was there when Sam manifested this day. Six years ago, in the gentle waves of Zanzibar, my dear friend Sam said when he gets married to the love of his every breath one day, he would like for me to be the master of ceremonies at his future imagined wedding. And the future is here!

Today, under the fruition of his imagination, in the canvas of a new chapter, as his dream becomes a reality, I get to keep my promise and stand in amazement and gratitude, blessed to have witnessed and to be part of a profound manifestation of love – the sacred union, the Walimah of Sameer Naik and Naadhirah Cassim.

This moment is a reminder that sometimes, it is the subtle melodies of love that add the most enchanting notes to the symphony of life. And Sam sang that symphony with his heart.

This moment whispers a simple truth: love's soft tunes weave the most mesmerising songs. In shared glances and unspoken feelings, these songs echo sincerity, breaking down the walls we build in our minds. Walls of solitude, man becoming a silo, an island. We are shattering the internal cities we construct. Wrecking the barriers and inviting someone into the sanctuary. In his heartfelt song, I learned that love, gentle yet powerful, guides us through winding paths, creating a sanctuary where we can fully embrace the beauty of now.

On this joyous day, I am overwhelmed with emotion as I head to be master of ceremonies and celebrate love in its purest form. May the radiant sun forever paint the sky with hues of gold and crimson for both Sam and his bride from this day forth.

And may they smile joy into each other's days. May they keep moving in unison, in love, like a gentle breeze beckoning them to dismantle these mental fortresses so they can step beyond the confines of their own making. May they swim in tandem, synchronising their form. May they wander freely in the open spaces where emotions flow like rivers, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty of shared experiences. Only when we navigate the pathways of the heart can we discover the boundless landscapes of connection waiting beyond the walls of our internal cities.

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Rabbie Wrote

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