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#PoeticLicence: These human minds never seize punching above their weight

By Rabbie Serumula Time of article published Nov 22, 2020

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These human bodies will never seize to fail us. Their fragility can not be stressed enough.

Mosquitoes kill more of us than we see them.

We are waging too many wars against mother nature.

We can never forget the inevitable death, but it will always break our hearts.

These human souls will never seize to amaze us.

Faith is hardly trained but constantly tested.

How do you train while you live under church laws, and pray on church tiles burying pig heads under church floors?

How do you train for a thing you never imagined?

Snakes used for riches, preacher-men casting spells, casting shadows and other theories.

- But this is a story about LIGHT!

These human minds never seize punching above their weight.

Look at them mimicking light, the only thing that can travel through time.

In the 1990’s at Greenvillage, Soweto, a girl a few older than we were, Nomasonto Maswanganyi, knocked at our doors and asked our parents if we can join a community group she and her friend, Phindile, had started. It was the first of its kind in our small and recently constructed part of the township.

Mshoza was the first youth leader I came across. We called her Sonto and she taught us how to dance. Black bodies busting moves in the streets. We sang, we played games in the streets.

A community hall built like an over exaggerate shack was erected, and we sang and danced in there too. Sometimes outside of it when we arrived, waiting for a key. And when we were leaving.

She organised youth meetings and trips. Shaped, shifted and impacted our community.

She was destined for more. She had family in Zola, a nearby township, and there she manifested the ‘more’ of which she was destined for. That is where her light began to shine brighter.

She left our community united. It took time for our youth to break the culture of singing at funerals.

May the Queen of Kwaito continue to sing on the other side.

TO THE FAMILY; the inevitability of death does not dampen the pain.

These human bodies will never seize to fail us. I guess hearts are destined to shatter.

But memories have no life form.

I guess hearts are synonymous to glassware in kitchens. Prone to defying gravity to their demise. We do not want them to break, but we keep a broom and dustpan handy. We know of the wars we are waging against mother nature. Against time.

But remember, even broken glass reflects LIGHT.

TO THE READER; wherever there is light, darkness lurks in the shadows.

You can see it in how night never misses its turn. How it even bullies brightness during an eclipse, when the moon covers the sun while it burns.

One school of thought says there is good and bad in everything.

We do not want to maintain a pendulum in motion. So we desire balance to feed equally both sides of a libra scale.

The world always moves too fast. So we desire stillness.

TO THE UNIVERSE; we know not what we do. Training our faith grows heavier by the newspaper headline. No more do we look to the God within. We look outward, to self-proclaimed prophets and shepherds of the ‘most divine’ who are embroiled in the most vile.

We have paid our tithes. But our redemption may have been pending too long.

Perhaps we are dancing with the devil to a never ending song.

We only know what we know; these human bodies will never seize to fail us.

The Saturday Star

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