Finding the right partner often seems impossible. We all have our checklist, some longer than others. The older we get, the more we prioritise having a job and owning a car.

Good men and women seem to be few and far between, and when we find them they seem to be taken. With today's dating sites and now Facebook promising to find you the right partner, it would seem to be getting easier. Is it?

There is no shortage of candidates but some are needy, crazy or not into it.

I’ve made a list of seven tips to finding Mr or Miss Right. If you’ve had lousy luck, there could be a few things you need to tweak.

1. Guys do want relationships.

A mistake often made when looking for partners is thinking that people don't want a real relationship. You end up settling for flings or one-night stands, thinking that’s all you will ever be able to get. Many people are looking for meaningful relationships and long-term companionship. As long as you're the type that flits around, they will never respect you enough to settle down into a long-term relationship.

2. Mr Wrong might know Mr Right.

Keep phone numbers. Just because the person you went out with is not your long-term thing doesn’t mean he doesn’t have friends he can introduce you to. Being in the friend zone is not necessarily a bad thing. Keep in touch with your friends and hang out periodically to see if they have any hot friends you’d like to get to know a little better.

3. Don’t try so hard.

Desperation often results in settling for whatever comes your way, and that's never good. I’m convinced we can smell desperation and it's not sexy. It will happen when it’s time and not before then. You don’t need to throw yourself at every opportunity you see in order to find the right person. Just be patient and wait.

4. There's nothing wrong with having standards.

There is no need to settle. It’s a good idea to have a list of criteria you would like a guy to meet. You don't need to be content with a man who has no job, no interest in ever having a job or trade of any kind and who likes to play games all day and party all night. But at the same time, keep your list realistic. If you have such high standards that no one will be able to meet, you might end up alone forever. Remember, we are all human. Don't pass by a perfectly nice person just because you think you deserve a billionaire. This only happens in the movies and there really aren’t enough to go around.

5. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but in order to catch one you have to go fishing.

6. Be the kind of person a guy or gal would want.

If you're serious about finding the right person, you need to be the kind of person someone would want to have. That doesn't mean you need to be someone you're not. But if you constantly have a bad attitude, a sour expression or are critical or clinging, no one wants to be around that. Nobody looking for lasting relationships wants someone who does nothing but party all the time or works all the time either. Try to be more balanced.

7. Look in the right places.

A big mistake we make when it comes to finding the right person is that we look in all the wrong places. Bars, clubs and online dating website are not ideal places to find serious relationships, although it seems that in today’s age it is the only way. Look in places that interest you and sometimes in places that don’t. Grocery stores after work usually have long lines of singles buying meals for one. Start a conversation. You never know Dinner parties and work functions work. Don't miss an opportunity to meet new people.

Let me know where you met your partner.

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