#SexColumn: Role play scenarios

#SexColumn: Role play scenarios. Picture: File

#SexColumn: Role play scenarios. Picture: File

Published Dec 12, 2023


Sharon Gordon

I know this sounds corny, but can you believe it’s December? Not just December but less than 20 days to Christmas? I’m still trying to get round to my 2023 NewYear Resolutions. Or is it just me?

As we build up to the holiday season, I have noticed that service has deteriorated, and many places are closing from the 14th. I’m amazed that in this economy this is happening. Did you really earn enough to close for a month? My best is that every day, without fail, is being blamed on the port crisis in Durban. It’s starting to feel a bit like Covid.

In my circle of friends, they are either jetting off to countries far away or staying at home because, like me, they did not have a bumper year. If you’re staying put this month, and are short on ideas, we have a couple of tips to spice up the season.

If you’re tired of being you, we’ve come up with role-play scenarios to take you out of your everyday head space.

How about doctor and patient. Did you ever play ‘doctor-doctor’ when you were a kid? It gave an opportunity to look in secret places and explore other people’s bodies. Same here. The doctor needs to conduct a thorough examination to discover why the patient is so hot. A variety of instruments can be used to probe, explore and monitor hotness levels. The doctor may have to breach the code and prescribe some intimacy.

If you are a doctor you may want to play ‘fitness instructor and client’ and it’s time for a private lesson with some hands-on attention. With every stretch, breath and touch you can feel the heat. The client may have to do repeated reps in places of pleasure. How many reps can be done before complete collapse? Remember the lubricant to avoid athlete’s rash.

This is when strength and stamina get a new meaning. How about a good old faithful – teacher and student. All these plays can use dress up to get you in the mood. The teacher finds the student lacking and not paying attention in class. A bit of private tutoring is required and maybe even a bit of punishment. Or maybe the roles are reversed, and the teacher is distracted and led astray. Rulers, outfits and toys can all form part of the play.

How about boss and employee? Remember this is play and fantasy so your “boss” and “employee” are not real people – just making sure there is no cause for a sexual harassment claim. The boss notices your fantastic work performance and praise comes with special rewards. Or the review is not positive, and some immediate improvement is required. Or maybe there’s a bit of seduction going on at your desk and you happen to glimpse the lack of underwear and are encouraged to use some remote-controlled toys.

All the while keeping a straight face because your colleagues are not allowed to know that you’re the special employee.

Landlord and tenant? The landlord pops in and finds that you have not being keeping to the terms of the lease. Maybe the dishes aren’t done, or the lawn is too long, but instead of terminating you have to offer favours for the breach to be overlooked. Maybe the landlord wants to hand out a punishment instead.

Nipple clamps, paddles, cuffs and blindfolds come to mind. You can use any scenario, at any time. The best-role play scenarios include one party that has the upper hand and ‘abuses’ the authority. Just remember to always have consent and a safe word for if the play goes too far.

Check out all the “tools" available in our online store – www.lolamontez.co.za and happy playing.

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