Stepping away from the limelight was one of the best decisions Zuraida Jardine has made but she is now ready to return

Popular radio DJ, television presenter and actress Zuraida Jardine. Supplied image.

Popular radio DJ, television presenter and actress Zuraida Jardine. Supplied image.

Published Jul 22, 2023


Johannesburg - While Zuraida Jardine admits that stepping away from the limelight for a lengthy period was one of the best decisions she ever made, she says she is now fully ready to return to the small screen.

The popular radio DJ, television presenter and actress made her TV comeback this week as she featured as the new host of SABC 3’s popular lifestyle show “Afternoon Express”.

“I am so much more developed today, I have more to offer, sincerely,” she told the Saturday Star this week.

Jardine joined the popular daytime series which offers viewers a blend of lifestyle, entertainment, and informative content.

As host, she will bring her perspective, charisma, and passion for health and wellness to the programme, providing an engaging and entertaining experience for viewers – making her the perfect fit for “Afternoon Express”.

Popular radio DJ, television presenter and actress Zuraida Jardine. Supplied image.

Jardine took the decision to step back from the limelight and focus on her children and studies in the psychology and wellness space. But an offer to host the new lifestyle show was too good to turn down, she says.

“The offer was right. I am now a health and wellness practitioner and the show affords me an opportunity to use this skill set. Returning to TV was not in the immediate plan, as I’ve been focusing on my health practice, but I got an offer from ‘Afternoon Express’ and the alignment was perfect.”

She says she is delighted to make her highly-anticipated return to the small screen.

Popular radio DJ, television presenter and actress Zuraida Jardine. Supplied image.

“It’s all been exciting. I did not realise how familiar this would all feel. Kinda like coming home. I’m so excited to be the new host of ‘Afternoon Express’. I’m looking forward to us addressing topics around mental health that are inclusive, learning how to live meaningful lives and also having fun.”

She said her knowledge in health and wellness would go a long way in helping her in her role as host of “Afternoon Express”.

“My decade-long devotion to studying and practising in the realm of health and wellness has equipped me with profound knowledge in psychology, functional medicine, breath work therapy, and critical health studies, which I am eager to share with our audience.

“My unique expertise in wellness affords me a different lens through which to host this new direction for the show and connect with the audience.”

The lifestyle show will address essential topics around mental, physical, and emotional well-being, encouraging viewers to live life to their fullest potential.

“The platform will provide all the necessary tools and techniques for a vital, vibrant life. I am ecstatic to be the new voice and face of the show, offering a fresh perspective for audiences across South Africa. This exciting chapter of my career promises to breathe new life into the health and wellness dialogue. I look forward to you joining on this enriching journey towards a healthier life.”

Jardine went back to university as a full-time student.

“I did my undergrad, Honours and Masters over the last few years, coupled with other certifications in the health space. Essentially the last decade was focused on studying. I’d like to see more adults take the step and have the audacity to change their careers if it’s a burning desire.

“Too many of us apply age to what we can and can’t do. I am testament to changing my career and starting from scratch in a completely different field. The journey has been rewarding. I will continue to be a student in life and learning.”

She says being able to spend quality time with family was also amazing.

“When I became a student, quality time with my family took on a whole new dimension as I had to be strict with my time. I’ve realised that quality far outweighs quantity. Being present when I’m with my family and friends is important. Everything is so much more deliberate today.”

Despite her new role as host of Afternoon Express, Jardine confirmed that she would continue to study.

“Studying has been such a rewarding journey. I plan to continue my postgrad studies next year.”

She also has other big plans for her blossoming career.

“I will soon release my online Wellness Workshops and courses that I’ve been researching and writing for the last year. I look forward to sharing about it. Details will be on my website and my socials @zuraidajardine.”