The Joburg Film Festival will showcase the best of African cinema

Dr John Kani at the launch of the Joburg Film Festival. Picture: Supplied

Dr John Kani at the launch of the Joburg Film Festival. Picture: Supplied

Published Dec 15, 2023


The Joburg Film Festival will return in the first quarter of 2024, following the spectacular success of the fifth edition, bringing together film-makers, industry experts, and cinema enthusiasts for a celebration of storytelling.

The festival is known as a platform for showcasing local and international talent and is gearing up for an edition of extraordinary presentation of cinematic excellence.

Earlier this year the festival presented some of the finest films from more than 35 countries across the globe, including 20 African and 27 South African premieres.

Filmgoers were immersed in films from Tunisia, Brazil, Seoul, Brazil, the US, Japan, Morocco, and other countries, with a combination of feature films and documentaries highlighting stories that bridge cultural borders.

The first film, “Xalé”, documented the lives of Awa, a 15-year-old African schoolgirl who was enjoying her adolescence alongside her twin brother Adama, who dreamt of travelling to Europe.

The sixth edition, which will take place from February 27 to March 3, is the result of a desire to build a dynamic, autonomous platform that recognises local and international quality in film-making while also telling tales about Africa.

Scheduled to take place in Sandton, the heart of South Africa’s vibrant business scene, the event will feature a captivating line-up of screenings, discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Tim Mangwedi, executive director of the Joburg Film Festival, describes it as a spectacular festival commemorating the craft of storytelling while embracing the legacy of cinematic legends.

Mangwedi said: “In the dynamic landscape of ‘glocalisation’ of media and entertainment, the Joburg Film Festival is a pivotal platform at the heart of Africa’s cultural and creative revolution. This sub-Saharan African premier film festival and content market trade fair is set against the backdrop of the continent’s rich stories and talent. It embodies the spirit of new Africa, one that is eager to showcase its creative prowess and engage in dialogue with the global community.”

“Now in its sixth year, the Joburg Film Festival continues to celebrate the art of film-making. It brings together the best of African cinema, offering a window into the soul of a continent bursting with inspiring stories waiting to be told and heard on the international stage by Africans.”

The central theme of the festival is focused on inspiring storytellers who captivate audiences across the globe, the festival will further celebrate these legends in film.

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