CASUAL: Flimsier fabrics aren't appropriate for the workplace. Picture: Instagram/papiyaish
I always think twice, maybe three times, before deciding to wear white. Even if it’s just a T-shirt, the thought of it can be rather daunting.

The thought of constantly watching what I can eat and drink and staying away from anything or anyone who can dirty my lily white garment. These are just a few the terrifying factors when thinking about wearing white.

But one of biggest challenges is figuring out what underwear to wear in order for it to look invisible underneath a white top or pants. In the same way, one tries to achieve the desired invisible pantyline.

Most people think that wearing white underwear is the obvious option but soon realise it is the worst colour to wear. White underwear shows through more than any other colour.

BLEND: Wearing nude underwear is the best option. Picture: Instagram/rossellengland

Your best option is to wear underwear that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. At the same time, stay away from underwear with lace details and crazy prints.

Cut out the stress about visible underwear by choosing a fabric that’s easier to wear and without the fuss. Before you make your purchase check the transparency of the garment. An easy way to check this would be by placing your hand behind the fabric. The thinner the fabric, the more you’ll be able to see your hand. If you’re for looking for formal or office wear, then thicker fabrics are a better option. Flimsier and more sheer fabrics are fine for casual wear.

Two more tips for when you wear white. Prevent stains from your perfume by applying it before you get dressed. This might be tricky but apply your make-up after getting dressed, especially if you’re wearing something that needs to be pulled over your head.