Artist Ayanda Mabulu courted trouble last year when he painted Jacob Zuma performing a sexual act with controversial businessman Atul Gupta in a cockpit of an aeroplane. Picture: Independent Media

Johannesburg – Ayanda Mabulu isn’t bothered by the death threats he has received – the controversial artist remains unrepentant and determined to shock. 

“I’ve received a few death threats from some ‘big men’ who are hiding in that black, green, and gold institution,” he said on Friday. “I couldn’t give a f**k about them.”

The death threats were spurred by his latest painting The Economy of Rape which depicts President Jacob Zuma performing a sexual act on late former president Nelson Mandela. 

The ANC has lashed out at Mabulu, labelling the artwork as “grotesque, inflammatory and of bad taste”, and numerous other South Africans have taken to social media, slamming the painting as crude and offensive.

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