ON THE DECKS: DJ Arch Jnr entertained his peers. Picture: Supplied

The walls to DJ Arch jnr’s music studio at his home on the West Rand are plastered with accolades he has achieved in the little time he has been around.

A YouTube silver play button award hangs proudly over his sophisticated DJ deck in his Florida studio. He was given the award after he surpassed 100 000 subscribers on his channel.

Next to his YouTube award hangs one of his biggest awards: the Guinness World Records certificate acknowledging him as the world record holder for youngest club DJ.

There is also an A3-sized picture of the moment when Arch jnr - Oratilwe AJ Hlongwane - was named the winner of South Africa’s Got Talent in 2015.
There are countless other awards in the studio of the 6-year-old music prodigy, including those he has won at school, including a best reader award.

While there’s barely any space on to hang up more accolades, Arch jnr may need to make room for another massive award he soon could win.
This week, it was announced that the young DJ has been selected as one of 50 acts to compete on America’s Got Talent (AGT) spin-off, America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

The competition will feature high-placing contestants of the previous 13 seasons of AGT and other Got Talent competitions around the world. It will premiere on January 7.

US actor and comedian Terry Crews has been announced as the host of the show, while Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum have been confirmed as the judges. 

Arch jnr will be one of 15 International Got Talent acts that will be competing. The 6-year-old will come up against well-known magician Darcy Oake, as well as UK opera singer Susan Boyle.

Arch jnr’s father, Glen Hlongwane, was “blown away” by the news his son had made it as one of the 50 acts.
“I got an email this week saying he is one of the people selected on this new show. 

“I couldn’t believe it. America’s Got Talent is like the talent Olympics, so we are very excited for AJ and what’s in store for him.”
While Arch jnr might be a little young to comprehend the magnitude of his success, his dad is incredibly proud. 

“I keep getting asked the question of how proud I am of my son, and to be honest I have run out of words to describe how proud I am.
“He does so well in every aspect of his life, from his deejaying career to his achievements at school.

“He is constantly learning new things. Recently, he started learning how to produce. Everything’s coming together really nicely, like a perfect puzzle.”
He has no expectations and just wants his son to have a fun time in the US.

“We have to bring our A-game to a competition like this, however, I’m not worried about my son winning or anything like that.
“AJ will come up against the most talented people from around the world. 

“I’ve seen YouTube videos of the talent that’s out there and it’s incredible, so there are no expectations.
“The fact that he got chosen and is the first South African to get chosen for this competition is a big enough achievement on its own.”
While Arch Jnr will be on the biggest stage he has ever been on, he says he isn’t nervous at all.

“I’m really excited to go to America. It’s my favourite place to visit. I had so much fun when I went there last time,” he says.

His dream is to follow in the footsteps of his hero, DJ Fresh. 

“I hope that one day I can become just like him.”

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