WATCH: Jozi’s most instagrammable café - Shazmin's Patisserie's pink explosion is a celebration of femininity

Some of the interior at Shazmin's Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

Some of the interior at Shazmin's Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

Published Feb 4, 2023


Johannesburg - It’s a rare occurrence when the aesthetic and the menu at an eatery are in harmonious alignment.

And from its interior which features boundless blushes of pink, to its fused, modern and Halaal meals, Sandton’s Shazmin’s Luxe Patisserie is a welcomed celebration of femininity.

The French café, espresso bar and tea lounge in Johannesburg north’s prestigious Nelson Mandela Square has now become the city’s picture-perfect haven.

The sit-down aspect of Shazmin's Luxe Patisserie was officially opened on Spring Day last year by its namesake, Shazmin Mahomed, who is the co-founder with her husband and started her career as pastry chef specialising in macarons and French pastries.

The exterior at Shazmin's Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

Before this, the couple were also the first in the world to launch a macaron ice-cream ATM in Sandton City in November 2020, and a year before that, the Mahomeds created South Africa’s first cupcake vending machine, back in November 2019.

The Patisserie, which claims to be “Jozi’s most instagrammable cafe”, might just be able to back up this brag.

Shazmin’s flower arch seat. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

They have taken pink to a delicious extreme and included the beloved shade in everything from its food and beverages to furniture, coffee machines and decor.

“Pink is the new black,” Mahomed told “The Saturday Star” and added that “At Shazmin’s we think pink and every dish has to really be very trendy and very eye-catching.”

The famous xoxo neon lighting at Shazmin's Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

The sensual, fun and romantic colour has become so popular that millions of people from across the world flock to the acclaimed Paul Smith “Pink Wall” in LA for the backdrop of their social media content.

The breakfast and brunch patisserie brought that energy to South Africa and has now become an Instagram hot spot. This has even led to the eatery offering itself for photo shoots.

“Since inception of the Shazmin’s brand, we have always wanted the food to look and taste great and also for the aesthetic to complement that, to create that picture-perfect shot,” Mahomed explained.

“We want the ladies (and men) to dress up in pink and come out to take their shots with the perfect food and coffee and perfect backdrop, because it’s always about the gram.”

One of the Instagram spots at Shazmin’s Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

And from pink walls of shoes to macarons, perfume and flowers, the patisserie’s patrons have a variety of backdrops to choose from. There is also Shazmin’s flower arch seat, the infamous xoxo neon lighting and pink flowers sprawling from the high ceiling.

But the velvety tenderness of the pink-themed French café does not end there.

Shazmin’s has also taken the concept of “pink drinks” and turned it on its head. And as part of their menu, they offer an element of the shade in their teas, coffees, hot chocolates, frappés and milkshakes.

Shazmin’s pinkachino. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

The feminine celebration of all things pinks extends into Shazmin’s creative food offerings as some of its most popular orders include a pink eggs Benedict as well as the café’s signature pink sliders.

“Everything on the menu has some addition of pink, whether it’s pink mayonnaise, a pink flower or pink slider buns,” Mahomed said.

But it’s Shazmin’s deserts where they really take pink to the next level as they incorporate the shade into their macarons, ice cream, cakes.

“Dessert is our thing and if you are looking for one of Jozi’s best dessert spots with a huge variety of French pastries and trendy desserts, you have to visit Shazmin’s,” Mahomed said.

“We are always adding new trending desserts to our menu and some of our most popular items include our rose-iced Spanish latte and churro croffles.”

But apart from its strong pink theme, Shazmins has so much to offer when it comes to dining.

The Halaal café prides itself on excellence and aims to fuse Indian flavours with Western food trends.

Their “Bhaiji Breakfast”, sautéed spinach, with a creamy coriander sauce, spicy potato rosti, chilli poached eggs and puff paratha; the “Shakshuka”, soft poached eggs, spicy Napoletana sauce, crumbed feta and a mint and coriander sauce; as well as the “Bombay toasted sandwich” is evidence of this.

The Shakshuka at Shazmin’s Luxe Patisserie. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

Shazmin’s also stays true to its French theme and some of its French offerings include classic French toast, quiche du jour, croque monsieur and croque madam.

The Basque burnt cheesecake with chocolate pour, Dutch baby pancakes, deconstructed tiramisu, smashed avocado toast and the unicorn fluff milkshake are other menu favourites.

As Shazmin’s is a Halaal eatery, they also offer a wide selection of mocktails such as non-alcoholic champagne, mimosas and virgin daiquiris.

There is also something for the health conscious at the eatery, as the menu includes fresh juices, light breakfasts and a wide selection of salads.

Shazmin's Basque burnt cheesecake with chocolate pour. Picture: Karishma Dipa.

The overall aesthetic and playful menu has also seen the café host tea parties, birthdays, baby and bridal showers and corporate events.

Another aspect of the Patisserie that Mahomed is particularly proud of is its celebration of femininity and that it is a 95% female-owned and run business.

“We want to encourage women to take some time out, dress up and show themselves some love while enjoying delicious food and a gorgeous setting,” she said.

As Shazmin’s continues with its resounding success, Mahomed has big plans for its future.

“We aim to make Shazmin’s an international brand, opening branches globally.”