Noni Mokati

Socialite Khanyi Mbau has reacted furiously to claims that she posted her own nude pictures on the web this week – blaming her former lover instead.

Explicit pictures of the self-proclaimed queen of bling have been doing the rounds on social networking sites with some online users accusing her of degrading woman and being desperate for fame. At the moment though, Twitter account is claiming to have leaked photos of Mbau and is now threatening to post naked pictures of other local celebrities.

Tweeting with Khanyi Mbau’s picture as their profile photo, Boobsafrica threatened to release nude pictures of TV presenter Nonhle Thema, Y-fm DJ Dineo Ranaka and actress Pam Andrews.

Boobsafrica tweeted: “@NonhleThema @lastbwoy YOUR NAKED PIC IS OUR NEXT PROFILE.”


In the pictures, a nude Mbau is shown bending over while other pictures show her surgically enhanced breasts.

“It’s a pity that some people think I’ve put the pictures up to get attention. Why would I want to do that when I’m attached to big brands such as KFC, SABC and Tafelberg?” asked Mbau.

“So many celebrities have had their pictures photo-shopped, I’m no exception. The pictures were distorted and unfortunately we live in a society where people use online platforms to degrade others and elevate themselves.”

She blamed her former lover Theunis Crous, saying he had been the only person who had taken pictures of her while they were dating.

Crous, who is married to model and businesswoman Primrose and has two children with her, bought a luxury convertible for Mbau and showered her with gifts during their period as a couple.

But the controversial businessman refused to comment yesterday saying: “I don’t have time for this. I’m busy.”

Mbau in the meantime, said the pictures had affected her family as well as her business ventures.

“I feel sorry for my parents and my daughter. They have to be confronted by such things. But I guess its the price I have to pay for being me,” she said.

On the website Blicious, User kentseng wrote: “This picture is not real…They fool us… Pay more attention to the middle back part, that’s not real Whoever posted this picture he/she is clever…”

Salty chocolate balls wrote: “hi gud people… please don’t playa hate… just admit it, she’s hot and there’s nothing you can do about that…”