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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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#PoeticLicence: Time is a luxury Janusz Walus has and took from Chris Hani

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Author and poet Rabbie Serumula. File image.

Published Dec 12, 2021


Johannesburg - Chris Hani’s killer wants to live and die in Poland.

He wants to return his bones to the land of his birth.

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He says he has washed Hani’s blood off of his hands, and that they are sparkling clean.

At least that is what he may have implied when he said he has gone back to his Roman Catholic faith, and fully understood his wrongdoings.

Which wounds does time heal?

Certainly not two bullets to the chest, echoed by an additional two sub-sonic bullets to the head.

One man’s garbage is another man’s bargain.

Polish murderer Janusz Walus has supporters waiting for him in Poland.

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They have written letters to him in prison, saying they admired his attempt “to stop communism in South Africa, that he is the great hope of the white race," journalist Cezary Lazarewicz, who interviewed Walus for his book, told the BBC.

The radical right-wing Polish immigrant is a hero to his people.

After spending more than 28 years behind bars, they are waiting for his “long flight to freedom”.

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Banners supporting him are a common feature in Polish football stadiums.

On the other hand, he is unremorseful and dishonest.

He is said to be unrepentant, except for his pretences to be seen to be complying with parole eligibility by SACP spokesperson Dr Alex Mashilo.

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He is "the uncorrectable assassin who almost plunged South Africa into a civil war with far-reaching implications and must not be released on parole”.

Time is a luxury he has and took from Hani. As it passed, he has floated with it, without full disclosure of the truth and all the circumstances surrounding his killing of Hani.

Are you truly remorseful if there are cards you are keeping close to your heart?

The same race cards that your peers have taken to the grave?

Engraved on the back of this deck is the blueprint of apartheid.

I guess Hani’s widow sees time differently. It isn’t Walus in jail for 28 years, but Walus assassinated Hani that long ago.

Like bullet holes in Hani’s body, there are too many wounds.

Questions remain about the gun used to kill Hani. It was taken from a military armoury.

Walus knows the journey his murder weapon travelled to land in his hands.

Or at least, who gave it to him. All of that is for the cards.

Time has passed. The deck can be put away.

Parole means he can fly home to adoring supporters who admire his attempt “to stop communism in South Africa” by assassinating a leader of the SACP.

Janusz Walus will have one last chance to be granted parole in February.

His applications have been rejected by various ministers and the courts every time.

The High Court even rejected his claims that his lack of parole was unlawful discrimination.

How you feel about him depends on whether you would rather see him fly to Poland in business class, or in a body bag?

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