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The coronavirus lockdown is serious, it is not an extended Easter break

By Editorial Time of article published Mar 28, 2020

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South Africa enters Day 2 of the 21-day lockdown today. Friday was not an auspicious start; law enforcement officers were forced to arrest party-goers in clubs after the curfew began at midnight.

As the day got under way, it was obvious that this unprecedented quarantine was being observed - and enforced - unevenly.

We are playing with our own - and others’ - lives.

Yesterday, South Africa recorded the first two Covid-19 deaths. It is unavoidable that these will be the first of more.

The question of how much more is up to us.

The head of the World Health Organisation announced that it had taken 67 days for the virus to move from one person to 100000. It only took 11days to reach the next 100000. The third 100000 infections took four days.

Yesterday, the 500000 point was breached.

As it spreads even more widely and rapidly, more people will fall seriously ill and die because the health system will become overwhelmed.

It’s that simple. This is not a paid holiday or an extended Easter break, but a very desperate bid to ensure as many of us as possible get out of this alive.

And when we do, life will be very different to what it was before we started this lockdown.

We will have a huge amount of rebuilding to do, especially economically - but we can do it and we must do it.

But if we don’t take this lockdown seriously now, we not only fail to flatten the curve, we run the risk of forcing the government to extend the lockdown further imperilling our economy.

Just stay at home.

Stop being selfish - and stop throwing the sacrifices of those who have to work during this time back in their faces.

The Saturday Star

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