Gauteng Legislature's intergrity commissioner Dr.Ralph Mgijima during an interview at his offices at the Gauteng Legislature in the cbd. Picture:Paballo Thekiso

Thabiso Thakali

The Gauteng legislature’s integrity commissioner wants the investigation and findings against MEC for local government Humprey Mmemezi and Speaker Lindiwe Maseko to be made public “urgently”.

“I view both these matters as urgent because they undermine the trust in public institutions,” said Dr Ralph Mgijima this week. “The longer these things linger in the air the more they undermine the trust of the public placed in the government institutions.”

Mgijima who is responsible for monitoring the public conduct of office bearers and more than 70 members in the Gauteng’s legislature revealed he had completed his investigation into Maseko’s conduct.

This related to a gala dinner held at the Dome, a venue whose catering company is partly-owned by Maseko’s daughter Edna, during the opening of the Legislature in February.

Mgijima said the report on Maseko had yet to be presented to the committee on privileges and ethics which will have to adopt it with its recommendations, before presenting it to the legislature.

Maseko is also alleged to have purchased alcohol and other groceries, which she claimed was for a function at the Legislature using public funds.

“I have completed the report on the Speaker. The one on MEC Mmemezi, perhaps, will be complete in a few days but both reports will be public depending on how the committee (privileges and ethics committee) interpret the urgency in the matter,” said Mgijima.

“These matters need to be accelerated and brought to finality but certain constraints come in like capacity in our office. In an office like this where there hasn’t been much activity, there are not many resources so even these investigations take time but on top of that there is also the procedures of having to go through legislature.”

Mmemezi is under investigation for allegedly misusing his government issued credit card on a shopping sprees that included buying “party wear” in India, purchasing a R10 000 painting at a McDonald’s restaurant and hotel stays.

The embattled MEC also allegedly lied to the legislature when he reported that the BMW X5 state vehicle he crashed in KwaZulu-Natal last year had suffered only minor damage.

According to reports, Mmemezi’s office had agreed to auction the luxury vehicle due to mechanical problems as a result of the crash after insurance had refused to pay.