Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi had taken the hardline stance that government would not fix the Katlehong Primary School it was set it alight during a protest.

Johannesburg - The Star, Saturday Star and Sunday Independent ran a social media poll, calling on readers to have their say on Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi’s stance over a Katlehong school that had been set alight during a protest over power cuts in the Ekurhuleni township. 

Lesufi had taken the hardline stance that the government would not fix the Katlehong Primary School after some members of the community set it alight, demanding the power cuts be addressed. 

“People of Katlehong, this is what is left of Katlehong Primary School because the community is protesting against lack of electricity. This is completely unacceptable. Forget it if you think we will fix it! You will see to finish,” he tweeted in anger. 

A fierce debate erupted on social media, following his stance, with some supporting Lesufi, including members of the Gauteng executive. Others argued that innocent school pupils would be punished for actions that were not of their doing. 

We decided to run a poll on social media on The Star, Saturday Star and The Sunday Independent. 

On The Star’s Twitter account, 86% of readers agreed with Lesufi, while in the Saturday Star, 85% agreed with the MEC and in the Sunday Independent, 84% agreed with the outspoken former spin doctor.

On The Star’s Facebook poll, 90% agreed with Lesufi there as well. 

Madumetja Tsebe wrote: “I fully support the MEC...These so called community members must take the responsibility for their myopic actions”. 

Welile Nyoka wrote: “I am sorry the innocent learners have to suffer the consequences created by their own parents but the tendency of looting businesses properties, burning down of institutions of learning and community clinics is not taking us anywhere where is the money for reconstruction must come from for me it's a big no”. 

Makhetha Sulle wrote: “School is everyone property, community where schools are built are responsible for their safety. It's obvious community knows who burnt the school, so let help the police to bring the criminal to book and the courts must stop throwing those dockets out and releasing such people”. 

Hope Truster wrote: “If the government fixes the school then they are teaching the children that in a few years they too can protest and burn things as a form of expression and get away with it. This is a lesson to everyone that there are always consequences. The members of the community have to rally together and fix the damage. No matter how long it takes. The school is for their children anyway whom they brought to the world isn't it”.  

On Facebook, the Sunday Independent poll is still running, so you can continue voting.