CLOSE TO CAMPUS: Aengus Property Group will be unveiling seven trendy loft apartment buildings on the Wits University doorstep next month.
CLOSE TO CAMPUS: Aengus Property Group will be unveiling seven trendy loft apartment buildings on the Wits University doorstep next month.

For South African students, being accepted at a tertiary institution is just the first hurdle in the race to higher education. If being accepted at university is like gold dust, suitable, affordable accommodation is like striking a gold mine.

Budget cuts, reduced financial support from the government and increasing student numbers mean that student accommodation provided by universities and colleges in SA is now incredibly scarce. Just 18 percent of student accommodation needs are provided by these institutions, according to the Department of Higher Education.

However, this state of affairs is nothing new. And over the past five years, property development and management company, The Aengus Property Group, has made it its business to step into this accommodation chasm.

Aengus, which holds a portfolio of upmarket yet affordable housing in Joburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth, is a pioneer in converting mothballed commercial buildings into stylish, modern and affordable loft apartments. It has also worked closely with the universities of the Witwatersrand and Johannesburg to meet the needs of students who seek accommodation close to campus.

Previous Aengus developments in Joburg’s trendy Braamfontein area have been hugely successful, offering around 1 000 one-bedroom loft apartments with 100 percent occupancy rates since inception a few years ago.

In February, Aengus will unveil seven trendy loft apartment buildings literally on the doorstep of Wits University. Boasting 934 beds, the accommodation is also very close to other tertiary institutions.

The double rooms with en-suite bathrooms should appeal to older students, or those who prefer a bit more privacy. The units come fully furnished with beds, desks, fitted cupboards, kitchens with a fridge and Wi-Fi – pretty much everything a modern, globally connected student needs and wants.

The buildings also feature 24 hour security with biometric fingerprint access control, and on-site maintenance teams.

“The lofts are on average 30 paces from the campus and, given the security measures in place, students can walk to and from campus any time of day or night,” says Aengus Property Holdings CEO, Richard Rubin.

“Our strategy meets our ethos which is very South African: safety first. Parents can rest assured in the knowledge their children will be taken care of. And it goes without saying that affordability is synonymous with Aengus’s brand.”

Rental contracts are typically for 10 months of the year and vary from R1 950 to R2 500 a student a month. Not only does Aengus cater for accommodation during the academic year, but its new offering also allows Aengus’s student tenants to qualify for discounts in other Aengus-owned student accommodation in the coastal cities of Durban and Port Elizabeth during the holiday period in December and January.

“This new offering is known as The Aengus Vacation Club, which we think will be a huge success and will add to the lifestyle offering of the brand,” says Rubin.

And amid the luxurious touches the loft apartments have a uniquely student touch with trendy names such as LOL (Love Our Lofts, with 130 beds on 6 Ameshoff Street), KISS Lofts (Keepin’ It Slick And Stylin’ Lofts, 208 beds on 30 De Beer Street).

Oh go on, the other names are too cool not to mention:

RAD Lofts (Right Across the Drag Lofts on 34 Bertha St with 200 beds); LMFAO Lofts (Lofts Made For All OK!, 36 beds on 38 De Beer St); JAW Lofts (Just Across The Way Lofts, 216 beds on 36 De Beer St); ACE Lofts (At Campus Early Lofts, 100 beds on 25 Stiemens St) and lastly WTF! Lofts (Walk To and From Lofts, 44 beds on 21 Biccard St).