Eateries to suit all palates at @EmperorsPalace

By Clinton Moodley Time of article published Mar 17, 2018

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There is a food experience to be had at Emperors Palace.

While the place is known for its world-class casino offering, praise should be given for their state-of-the-art eateries that mixes fast food and fine dining effortlessly.

Part of my stay at Peermont Dóreale Grande Hotel at Emperors Palace meant that I could sample a selection of their food offerings.

On the first night, I get dressed for dinner at the fancy Aurelia’s restaurant at D’oreale Grande. My friend and I arrive at 7pm, choose a table near the entrance and wait for Mike the waiter to take our order.

Aurelia’s says their food represents “a global smorgasbord of tastes and have been infused by a South African flavour”.

The five-star restaurant offers adventurous, daring and perfect pairings, with the aim of whetting the appetite with their gastronomical tastes and plating.

We decide to skip starters and head straight for mains. My guest selects beef three ways with parsnip, roasted butter samp and beans and mushroom cream, which she could not stop raving about.

I order an open vegetable lasagne filled with roasted vegetable, chickpea, mushroom and marinara sauce.

I expect a fusion of flavours and textures, but I am left sorely disappointed as some of the veggies were under-cooked and not pleasant on my taste buds. Plating is a winner with bursts of colours popping from my plate.

The manager offers me another meal, but I decline. First impressions count, and this vegetarian meal was far from perfect.

Luckily, the chef’s choice mini dessert platter saves the evening. On the platter were white truffles infused with cinnamon cream inside, an espresso type ice cream, chocolate torte, caramel crème and generous servings of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

The flavours complement each other, and the tartness of the fruit balances the sweetness.

While the ambience was great, the chef needs to spend more time practising those vegetarian meals.

The next day, after a delightful breakfast of sushi and oysters at Club Lounge on the 5th floor of the hotel, I arrive at Braza towards midday side.

This Portuguese restaurant is almost full when I arrive, and I am welcomed by my waiter named Desmond.

Awaiting me is a beautiful laden table with a basket of fresh Portuguese bread. Desmond smiles and pours me a glass of still water while I browse the menu.

I decide to order the prawn rissoles, a pocket-filled spicy prawns starter.

It is sumptuous, with just the right amount of heat and flavour.

The main for me was a winner.

I order queen prawns in a creamy sauce, paired with spicy rice, potato wedges and a selection of fresh veggies.

The prawns were cooked to perfection, and the portion is sufficient to fill even the hungriest travellers.

Desserts include baked cheesecake, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse.

On my last day, I tuck into a fantastic buffet spread at Rosetta’s, an Egyptian inspired restaurant located near the casino at Emperors Palace.

There are long lines of people queuing to get in to enjoy their Sunday spread. I am bowled over by its modern finishings and the attention to detail at their buffet stations.

There are all types of food to suit all kinds of travellers. There is even free flowing wine and soda stations.

My friend and I are mesmerised by the selection before us. There is egg fried rice, butter bean and potato curry, glazed sweet potato, meat stations, wraps, a range of seafood and freshly made pasta with mouth-watering sauces.

The food is great, and I try to eat everything without looking like a glutton.

While I sample a few dishes, my heart is set on the dessert table that pops with creations such as mousse tarts, cherry trifle, ice cream stations and bread pudding.

Guests have two-hour sittings at the restaurant, which is ample time to try out the food offerings. I suggest you skip breakfast if you plan a Sunday lunch at Rosetta’s.

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