Athletics SA and Caster Semenya will wage two-prong appeal to Swiss court after Court of Arbitration ruling. Photo: Laurent Gillieron/Keystone via AP

JOHANNESBURG – Athletics South Africa (ASA) has backed Caster Semenya by also lodging an appeal with the Court of Arbitration (CAS) about the 'testosterone' controversy which has threatened the athletes' future career.

In a statement ASA has instructed its Swiss lawyers, represented by Alexandre Zen-Ruffinen, to inform the president of the Swiss Federal Court of its intentions to appeal the decision of CAS which was announced on April 30.  

The CAS pronouncement concerned the IAAF Eligibility Regulations for Female Classification (Athletes with Differences of Sex Development) for Track Events ranging from 400m up to, and including one mile, which are now in force.

ASA’s Swiss lawyers have in turn informed the Swiss Federal Court that ASA’s appeal will be filed once the original of the CAS award has been received by the parties. 

Meanwhile, ASA is aware that Semenya, has lodged her own appeal against the CAS award with the request that the IAAF regulations be wholly suspended pending the finalisation of the appeal.  

African News Agency (ANA)