Mo Farah blamed volunteers for the blunders during the London marathon. Photo: Paul Childs/Reuters

LONDON – Sir Mo Farah made a series of blunders as picking up his water bottles during the London marathon at the weekend proved strangely problematic.

After 28 minutes, at the 10km drinks station, he missed his drink and picked up the wrong bottle, which he quickly threw away after realising it was not his. He was seen shouting at the marshals on motorbikes a few minutes later before speaking to another one just a short way down the road.

After 57 minutes, at the 20km drinks station Farah lost five seconds stopping and running back to get his bottle after getting confused again.

When quizzed about the incident later he appeared to blame the volunteers for not helping him.

He said: “The drink station was confusing. I was table four, I went to pick it up. The staff were helpful at the end but at the beginning they were trying to take a picture rather than giving me the drink.” 

“I was saying to the people on motorbikes to tell the staff to be a bit helpful instead of taking pictures. I wasn’t wasting energy, I just needed a drink. I had to get it right.”

Farah’s drinks bottles contained a special carbohydrates and salt mixture from the sports drink company, Maurten, his coach Gary Lough told Sportsmail.

Lough claimed the bottle ‘wasn’t on the spot we were told it was going to be on the table’.

He added: “There were two bottles the same. There was a bit of confusion and Mo got a bit agitated.” 

“But he managed to figure it out and keep himself in the race. He had his name on it and his logo but when you’re hitting those tables you don’t really see an awful lot so in future we might change up the colours and make it a bit more evident.”