Tish Jones with Elana Meyer after winning Cape Town Marathon in 2016. Photo: Stephen Granger

CAPE TOWN – Cape Town-based British marathon star remained on course for a dream date with the World Championships in Doha in late September following a top performance at yesterday’s London Marathon.

Tish Jones, a former Cape Town Marathon champion, placed 15th overall in a personal best time of 2 hr 31 min 00 sec and was the second British athlete to finish after Charlotte Purdue’s 2:25:38 in 10th place, thus fulfilling the criteria for selection for the championships.

“I only found out afterwards that the qualifying time was exactly 2:31 and that the first two British runners to finish the London Marathon would qualify,” Jones said after the race.

“I was tired towards the end – the wind was quite bad, and I was on my own for much of the race after starting with the small group of elite runners – but managed to finish relatively strongly and I overtook two British athletes (Lily Partridge and Hayley Carruthers) in the final 5km.

“I’m looking forward to getting back to Cape Town shortly – that’s my happy place!  I’m hoping to do one of the Cape Town Onerun or the Spar 10km – I’m just discussing this with my coach, but really looking forward to racing in Cape Town again.”

The Olympic qualification for Britain is set at 2:29:30, a time Jones feels is within her reach.  “I reckon the head-wind at London was worth at least 90 seconds, so I’m confident I can ran the time needed for Tokyo. 

“It was a tough decision whether or not to join the elites up front or run with the masses further back, which would have meant a lot more shelter from the wind,” Jones admitted.

“But it felt right to take that opportunity and I’m pleased I did. It was a bit lonely at times, but saw many friends along the way cheering for me, so that lifted me.”