Spar Grand Prix champion Kesa Molotsane in action. Photo: Rogan Ward

JOHANNESBURG - When newly-crowned Spar Grand Prix winner Kesa Molotsane entered the series, her intention was to do two coastal races just to get the stamina for the track season, but things changed.

“My plan was to do one race, just for the fun of it. I didn’t want to do the whole series. I wanted to do one or two races, but my coach suggested that we do the coastal oness," said the 25-year-old track specialist..

"But then things changed and I had to commit myself to the whole series. I’ve never thought of doing road running before, but this was a good move.”

Molotsane went on to win three of the six legs of the series and was announced as the overall winner of the Spar Grand Prix, snatching it from last year’s winner Irvette van Zyl, who finished second on the standings.

At some point Molotsane had to ask for permission from the South African team - which was travelling to Taipei to take part in the World Student Games - to participate in the Pietermaritzburg race, which was one of the events she won.

Molotsane said this has been a successful year for her.

“There’s a lot of things that I’ve achieved this year. I won the track 5000m, I also went to World Cross Country Championships in Uganda," she said. "Taking part there meant a lot to me, because it’s the highest ranking event anyone can ever run in. I also competed in, and won, a few local races.

“I went also went to Taipei for the World Student Games and I did my personal best time, which was great because that was after the Spar Women’s 10km Challenge in Pietermaritzburg,” added Molotsane, who said her achievements motivate her to work harder.

Molotsane, who is doing her honours in Anthropology at University of Free State, said despite the difficulty of incorporating three disciplines - track, cross country and road running - in the space of two weeks, it has also been an amazing period in her career.

The Bloemfontein-based athlete said she is going to compete in the Women’s 10km Chlallenge again next year.

“I got a lot on my plate with the track season, because we are planning to do things differently, but hopefully I’d still be part of the Spar Ladies race. I might not come along as strong as I was this season, but it’s a great move as well,” she concluded.

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