Lynsey Sharp (right) is seen hugging second-place Francine Niyonsaba as Caster Semenya celebrates her victory with Olha Lyakhova in Doha on Friday night. Photo: Ibraheem Al Omari/Reuters

She cried her dramatic tears following the 2016 Olympic final, where she squealed about how “unfair” it was to run against the 800m champion, Caster Semenya – despite only finishing sixth.

On Friday, history repeated itself at the Doha Diamond League meeting. With Semenya powering to victory in a meeting record of 1:54.98, even though she was under enormous pressure following the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling going against her, Sharp ended ninth.

Yes, ninth.

But that didn’t stop the 28-year-old British athlete from talking about Semenya once more.

Sharp was slammed by South Africans for refusing to acknowledge Semenya on the track in the past – especially in the controversial photo of her hugging Canadian Melissa Bishop and ignoring Semenya following the 2016 Olympic final.

And Mzansi gave it to Sharp once again after Semenya’s win in Doha, after the Briton told BBC Sport about the CAS decision: “By no means am I over the moon about this.

“I’ve had death threats (about her 2016 criticism of Semenya). I’ve had threats against my family, and that’s not a position I want to be in. It’s really unfortunate the way it’s played out

“I’ve known Caster since 2008, it’s something I’ve been familiar with over the past 11 years.”

The 2016 Olympic final, when Lynsey Sharp ignored Caster Semenya. Photo: David Gray/Reuters
The 2016 Olympic final, when Lynsey Sharp ignored Caster Semenya. Photo: David Gray/Reuters

But South Africans weren’t buying Sharp’s story on those Twitter streets.

@joeblackzw spoke about Sharp topping the trends list: “Oh look #LynseySharp is in first place, for once.”

@SiyaDweba: “#LynseySharp would probably be ranked second in a race alone, mediocracy is her speciality.”

@onek1nd: “#LynseySharp’s tears are faster than she is.”

@billz_25: “Congratulations #CasterSemenya Has Lynsey Sharp finished the race yet? Asking for a friend”


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