One of the many celebrations Ashley William Robinson has enjoyed. Photo: Supplied
One of the many celebrations Ashley William Robinson has enjoyed. Photo: Supplied

Ashley William Robinson is a star in the making

By Julian Kiewitz Time of article published Sep 11, 2020

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CAPE TOWN - Ashley William Robinson has a stellar resume.

From the age of five, he has been building a solid foundation in the combat sport arena.

More than 100 Karate and Kickboxing tournaments and fights (60 amateur Kickboxing wins and 20 professional Kickboxing fights, 16-3-1) two black belts, nine professional Muay Thai fights (7-2) to 10 boxing bouts (9 wins and 1 no contest).

Aside from being voted Sportsman and Fighter of the Year on seven occasions by various established bodies, he sports Western Cape and South African Kickboxing championship titles. In that bag of goodies (let’s catch our breath), you will also find three more titles earned in the Professional Fighting Championship and the now defunct Cape Fight League.

Not bad for a 29-year-old athlete, hey?

“I have entered over 100 tournaments, lol! I represented my country a few times and I have been in combat sport for 24 years,” says Ashley.

“My advice to all young athletes and all humans is that you should remain true to yourself, follow the burning passion inside, do what makes you truly happy, and last but not least, fight for your family,” says Ashley.

It seems as though the Paarl-born athlete took his own advice and pushed through all his challenges with a special fire and passion to muster up the impressive curriculum vitae above.

And that drive overflows into the combat athlete/action star’s working career, too.

Ashley performs as a stuntman for Stunt Network, is an artist for Seven Sunday Films (Singapore), and he too has performed in various well-known movies on the main-stream circuit.

“I have worked on various sets and movies including Sampson, Bulletproof 2, Kissing Booth and Scorpion King to name a few,” says Ashley who now trains and lives in Cape Town, working out of three gyms to maintain his physique, uphold his fitness, and stay healthy all for the purpose of being able to perform at optimum standard be it in his fighting career or in the showbiz arena.

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When one looks at the foundation he has laid, you’d think that Ashley - who also does product reviewing for well-known health brands - would be the perfect candidate for the new Fight to Fame show set to launch in South Africa. An all-combat reality show which will see athletes compete for the ultimate prize of earning a Hollywood movie contract, however, the action star feels that he has too much on his plate already.

“The Mercurial” - attributing the tag to his ability to change his stance and style super quick in a fight “to confuse the opponent” certainly lacks no ambition, as he is eyeing a step-up in his filming career along with getting his shot at some of the best combat brands in the world.

“One Championship Muay Thai and Glory Kickboxing. Those are belts I would like to obtain, but also further my career in filming,” says Ashley.

Judging by his work ethic and impressive CV, South Africans should not be surprised should this performer become one of the biggest action movie/combat stars to come out of Mzansi in the near future.

For more details on Ashley’s career, you can visit his active and popular social media pages (ashwillrob on instagram), and if you’d like to enter the Fight to Fame show or just stay tuned to the show, check out


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