Xolisani Ndongeni, Mathews Phosa and promoter Daniel Canham. Photo: Pedro Mapelo

EAST LONDON – One of the brightest boxers in South Africa – Xolisani ‘Nomeva’ Ndongeni – left the country in a sad state on Tuesday.

The Eastern Cape boxer decided to leave for America in search of a better life after failing to get boxing bouts since last year.

The IBO lightweight world champion has been inactive since defeating Juan Garcia from Mexico in a match fought outside South Africa.

Nomeva, who has won 22 fights under his belt, hasn’t had a loss in his professional career, but has been very unlucky in getting matches – the most important thing for any boxer that wants to conquer the world.

The hard-working kwaBhaca-born pugilist is going to be working closely with Luis A Tapia at Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas with the hope of getting more fights and more success that will change his life.

The relocation of Nomeva was organised by his new company called Mecca and Events Promotions, with the help of the Mathews Phosa Foundation.

“Our company is still new, it has staged only one fight. Most promoters in the Eastern Cape heavily depend on government grants – but we managed to stage one fight in November with the help of the private sector.

“Novema is big in South Africa, so we asked ourselves: ‘Is it okay to keep him here in the Eastern Cape or allow him to grow?’

“That’s why we contacted certain people with experience. We have knocked on many doors of the foundations, but we managed to get support from the Mathews Phosa Foundation,” said Daniel Canham, who is Ndongeni’s promoter.

The 2016 Boxer of the Year told I’solezwe lesiXhosa that he is not scared of the challenges that may arise and is going to the US to win more fights and live a better life.

“My father said to me: ‘When you arrive there, do what they do – but do not do things that are not good for you’. That is exactly what I am going to do in America.

“I am very confident. I’m going to there to do well and come back as a champion. I want to win fights, make a name for myself and live a better life,” said Nomeva.

Xolisani Ndongeni with his new sponsored car. Photo: Pedro Mapelo

The champ commented on working at Mayweather’s gym: “This means I have more challenges to face and more work to do. I am going to a better place.”

Ndongeni became the first brand ambassador of a security company called SASSTEC, which gave him a brand new car. 


I’solezwe lesiXhosa