Emmanuel Sita is one of the first athletes to register for the exciting Fight To Fame reality show. Photo: Supplied
Emmanuel Sita is one of the first athletes to register for the exciting Fight To Fame reality show. Photo: Supplied

Emmanuel aims to combat struggles in Africa

By Julian Kiewietz Time of article published Jul 2, 2020

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CAPE TOWN – Emmanuel Sita is as hungry as they come.

Not only is the combat sport athlete excited about making the transition from amateur to pro in the combat world, he too was one of the first athletes to register for the new exciting Fight to Fame show.

And he did that shortly after reading about the concept in the media – understanding the value of opening up as many doors for his brand as possible.

Fight to Fame is a new reality show concept based on a #BMS model (blockchain, movies and sport).

The show is designed to create Hollywood movie stars out of real-life combat sports athletes using crypto currency (blockchain) to regulate and purchase within the show. 

The show which is being rolled out to 200 countries – including South Africa – will see fighters enter a reality television show where they will be subjected to several assessments including stunt work, acting training etc.

The winners from these shows will then have the opportunity to earn a role in a Hollywood movie production and open bigger doors than just that of the fight game. A much needed opportunity in the thriving and still growing mixed martial arts landscape of Africa.

And Emmanuel is keen to give it a go while raising his stocks inside the cage.

“I think it’s a really great show to help open more doors for us as martial artists here in Africa and SA – to help us grow faster," says Emmmanuel.

“This show deserves more encouragement, because us local athletes need opportunities like this.– a chance to take life-changing steps by possibly acting.

"Africa needs to grow… Why is it always Europe?

“This is a great initiative and I have signed up for it."

Emmanuel is expected to turn professional soon, it was set to take place already however the Coronavirus pandemic put things on hold for all including Emmanuel who has a total of 12 mixed martial arts, muay thai and boxing fights (nine wins and three defeats).

Emmanuel recently had the privilege of representing Western Province at the SA National Championships where he received a bronze medal after losing in the semi-final of the featherweight division.


One of Emmanuel’s standout moments in that competition was beating the SA kickboxing champion, Dwayne Putter.

Another feather in his cap after winning the Western Cape kickboxing championship last year among other achievements including victory in a recent judo competition, too.

“Right now my focus is on pursuing a career on the professional MMA circuit. I know I will have a big advantage due to my judo background. I am keen to sign with the Extreme Fighting Championship as they are the most well-known organisation here in South African and I salute them for that. But I am open to all opportunities, who knows, I might even look at pro kickboxing, too, or boxing later on," says Emmanuel.

“It all depends where there is more money as I am doing all this for my family and the love of the sport."

Emmanuel adds that the end goal is to go fight overseas for some big organisations such as One Championship, UFC or Bellator.

“I would like to contribute to the well-being of people and encourage people to achieve their goals – especially within the fighting industry,” says the Brazzaville, Congo-born athlete who is also an entrepreneur "by day".

Fighters from all backgrounds and the public can join the Fight to Fame either as a contestant or participate by buying the new FF token to interact in the show. For more details, visit the Fight To Fame website.


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