Huge excitement as PFC14 returns to ‘The West’ on Saturday

By Julian Kiewietz Time of article published Oct 22, 2019

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CAPE TOWN – It’s not often you actually hear the excitement in a heavyweight’s voice. Usually, they are the type who leave the talking for the cage.

But in Nico Yamdjie’s case, all is forgiven, as Cape fight fans will certainly be empathetic about the giant’s glee. There’s glee in the Cape Town air because combat sports returns to GrandWest again.

Earlier this year, Cape fight fans got some depressing news after Africa’s biggest MMA promotion - the Extreme Fighting Promotion - had confirmed that they would not be returning to Cape Town for a while due to financial issues and a change in business structure.

It was a tough pill to swallow for many as GrandWest was one of the best legs on the EFC roster in terms of attendance.

Not only have fans been suffering, but fighters, too, as sponsors don’t easily jump at the prospect of backing a brand that is not vibing on your doorstep.

However, since then, the Professional Fighting Championship has taken up the mantle at the entertainment world and is set to host PFC14 at “The West” this Saturday.

Nico Yamdjie (pictured) - a heavy-handed and aggressive fighter - will be taking on Gauteng opponent in Danie van Heerden. Photo: Supplied

A jamboree of combat sports which will play host to MMA, boxing and kickboxing with a total of 18 professional and amateur fights on the night - a real treat for fight fans who last visited GrandWest in April to witness EFC78.

And just like the fans, Nico is smiling at the prospect of participating in his K1 (kickboxing) bout.

“I am so happy to come back to GrandWest again,” says the heavyweight athlete.

“It’s great that I can fight for the PFC Promotion in a kickboxing bout in front of all the fans at GrandWest. I am so ready, I just want to get the show on the road already. I encourage all the fans to come out and support this weekend.”

Nico - a heavy-handed and aggressive fighter - will be taking on a grizzled Gauteng opponent in the form of Danie van Heerden.

Danie - a boxing and wrestling specialist is well-known across South Africa with a MMA professional record of 15-8.

And he will be coming down to the Mother City to try and upset the Cape-based Cameroonian.

“Danie is a tough guy,” says Nico. “I know him very well. I can guarantee that we will be putting on a great fight It’s going to be a great fight my man, 100 percent. I know I am ready and super happy to get in the cage with him.”

This fight will be one of four professional kickboxing bouts on the night.

Gauteng's Danie van Heerden will be in action against Nico Yamdjie at GrandWest. Photo: Supplied

The PFC - known for its sold-out combat sport shows at the Portuguese Club in Milnerton - is growing in leaps and bounds, and the move to GrandWest seems to only be the beginning of a new era for all things MMA and combat sports.

“PFC14 at GrandWest is a very big move,” says promotion co-owner Angelo Addinall.

“The PFC team have been putting in some amazing work, and we’ve only received positive feedback from fight fans, which is what makes me happy. We put on shows for people to enjoy, and we put on the best possible platform for fighters to showcase their skills, and we are extremely excited and ready for it.”

For those who don’t know, Angelo is the son of the legendary fighter, Neville Addinall.

They, along with Neville’s wife Alice, own the PFC promotion - in partnership with Duane Cawood.

The event takes place on Saturday evening with doors opening at 4pm at GrandWest Sun Exhibits. Tickets will be sold at the door, but to avoid any disappointments, be sure to book online at

For those who can’t make it to the venue, you can live stream via the PFC website on FiteTV.

Julian Kiewietz

Cape Times

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