South Africa's Tumisang Madiba submits Serge Kasanda from the DRC during EFC 77 fight night. Picture: Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide
South Africa's Tumisang Madiba submits Serge Kasanda from the DRC during EFC 77 fight night. Picture: Anton Geyser/EFC Worldwide

Tumisang Madiba has some unfinished business in the EFC

By Julian Kiewietz Time of article published May 27, 2020

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CAPE TOWN – Extreme Fighting Championship’s livewire, Tumisang Madiba (9-9) feels that he has a few scores to settle in the promotion.

First the man would love a rematch with now EFC bantamweight champion, Faeez Jacobs (7-2), after the former succumbed to a rear-naked choke in the first round of their fight at EFC72.

Following Jacobs’ title win over Nkazimulo Zulu (11-4) last August, there have been talks of bantamweight top contender Sylvester Chipfumbu (6-3) possibly being next in line for a shot at the title.

“Both of them have victories against me, so of course I want in on that,” says the man they call The President.

“I would want revenge. Sylvester and I have actually become close friends but I would really really love a rematch with Faeez, man.

“My ideal world would be: Sylvester wins, then I can fight Faeez and then go back to the featherweight division in peace,” says Madiba who started out in the featherweight division before moving to the bantamweight division in that cracking fight against former interim bantamweight champion, Irshaad Sayed (13-2), at EFC58.

Another big tick on Madiba’s EFC bucket list is a rematch with Pierre Botha (11-8-1).

After Madiba made Botha tap back at EFC34, the two met at EFC81 for a second time in a bout that ended controversially when the ref stopped the fight due to a round-one KO punch, much to the disbelief of some. During the post-fight interviews, a few words were shared between the two, as well.

“Hopefully I can also settle the score with Pierre Botha, because honestly … that is a loss on my record that really bugs me, man.”

Madiba was set to fight Sindile Mangengela at a catchweight prior to the lockdown being implemented.

“Hell yeah, I’m keen on getting back. It’s been tough on the whole country. I am not from an upper or middle class family. Lockdown has effectively stopped me from making a living,” says Madiba about the cancellation of various events across the globe due to the coronavirus.

“I was already in camp for the Sindile fight, spending money, it’s just been unfortunate to watch that go down the drain.”

A lover of the stunt movie business, Madiba is  keen on seeing what the new Fight to Fame brand has to offer.

The brand which is designed to create Hollywood movie stars out of combat sports athletes is being rolled out to 200 countries. Fighters enter a reality show where they will be subjected to assessments including stunt work, acting training etc. The winners will be given roles in major action films.

“I don’t know much about Fight to Fame, it only became familiar to me after you had alerted me. It looks like a good concept. The more platforms fighters have, the better it is for martial arts, because some just enjoy the entertainment part more than the fighting, and vice versa.

“I see it also has a reality show, my mom and sister love reality shows, so that will definitely elevate not only the Fight to Fame brand but also MMA in South Africa if done right,” says Madiba who is known for his vibrancy and signature back-flip move off the top of the Hexagon following a victory.

“My whole reason for moving to Cape Town a few years back was to pursue a career in stunts.

“I was actually also selected as a main character in a movie that is just struggling to get funding right now, but that is the next phase of this fighting career that I am looking forward to.

“I think I am gifted in that regard man, you see the back-flips, since I was a kid I grew my love for MMA, also watching these kung fu movies. I would really love to get into stunt work and movies should the opportunity arise again. It is something that I am actually actively pursuing so I would love a piece of that,” added Madiba.


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