Ruann Visser fell out of the ring just moments before his title defence bout against number one contender Tian Fick. Photo: supplied

CAPE TOWN – South African boxing champion, Ruann Visser is strongly considering taking legal action against those responsible for his embarrassing fall at Camps Bay High School on Monday.

The 207cm giant fell out of the ring just moments before his title defence bout against number one contender, Tian Fick on Reconciliation Day at the popular Collision Course Boxing event.

Just moments before the fight, as both fighters were set to go at it, Ruann did a light warm-up stretch against the ring ropes which unfortunately failed to support his big frame.

As the ropes snapped, Ruann fell out of the ring hitting a table on the way down, which - fortunately - broke his fall before he hit the concrete of the Camps Bay High School Hall much to the shock and horror of all in attendance.

“We are considering legal action,” says Ruann.

“I am busy with my legal team and management and will decide upon it soon. This is something no boxer wants to experience. It was really embarrassing and it could have ended much worse,” says Ruann.

Ruann was super vigilant as the moment happened and managed to hang on to one of the ropes still attached as he made his way down onto the table before hitting the floor.

To his credit, the moment he fell, he immediately stood up and got back in the ring.

Following a moment of chaos from officials and fans, Ruann - who seemed okay to walk - and Tian were both sent back to the locker rooms as officials tried to salvage the situation and fix the ropes and rigging.

Moments later, it was confirmed by a doctor that Ruann would not be able to last for 12 rounds due to concerns of a possible knee injury, and the fight was subsequently called off much to the disappointment of the fighters, fans and families who attended.

“Yes I have a bit of discomfort in my left elbow and my left knee, there is some pain, but we are waiting on the scans to come back from our medical team to confirm what the situation is.

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Ruann - a man who hardly shows much emotion - then elaborated on the moment.

“I put in so much effort and training into this fight and this is something I would not want any boxer or athlete to experience. It was extremely upsetting for myself and my family and it should not happen again,” he says.

Collision Course designers - Insane Promotions, in conjunction with Jackie Brice Promotions - who was brought on board to assist with marketing and sponsorship - are currently busy with an internal investigation in terms of boxing compliance.

“There are things that have been sent to the boxing board today,” says Jackie Brice who also guaranteed Independent Media a full statement once the investigation has been concluded.


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