Cape Town 100314. Cape Argus Cycle Tour 2010. Boyes Drive. PHOTO SAM CLARK

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It’s a back-breaking climb to the top, followed by a steep descent that has seen many cyclists spinning out of control. But the uphill battle of Boyes Drive won’t be part of next year’s Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour if everything goes according to plan.

In the interest of flattening the route, Renée Jordaan, who heads the Cycle Tour’s operational team, said they would trade the altitude and scenery of Boyes Drive for the more level Main Road.

But Main Road has been the site of roadworks in previous years, with work set to be completed only by the end of March. However, Jordaan maintained that it would be possible to open the road in time for the Cycle Tour, which takes place on March 10.

“We have had extremely positive meetings with the city and engineers,” she added. “Provided everything goes ahead of schedule, Main Road will definitely be part of the route.”

She warned that the final route was never a done deal. Jordaan said incidents such as a rockfall on the Chapman’s Peak portion of the track or potholes on other sections could result in adjustments to the 109km trek .

“There’s always a ‘Plan B’,” she assured.

Entries to the event open on Saturday, and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, with 30 000 slots open to local riders.

A further 5 000 spots will be set aside for charities and corporate groups.

David Bellairs, marketing and sponsorship director of the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, said all riders who were eligible for a seeded start would start the tour before the charity and PPA groups.

“Competitive riders can finish in the fastest possible time, while the casual riders can enjoy the race without feeling pressurised to make way for the more serious riders,” said Bellairs.

The last Cycle Tour, which marked the 35th iteration of the annual cycling event, saw 35 000 cyclists brave sweltering conditions, with some parts of the route heating up to 42°C.

* You can enter at the Cycle Tour website at or by calling the events office.

Organisers suggest that you have your ID, credit card, medical details, membership number and emergency contact number to hand.

[email protected]

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