Mick Scumacher says his dad is his role model and that's the only person he will compare himself with. Photo: Hamad I Mohammed/Reuters.

BERLIN  Mick Schumacher's ultimate aim is competing in Formula One racing like his father did, with the record world champion his main role model in the sport.

"Yeah it is," the 20-year-old Mick Schumacher told Britain's Sky Sports in an interview when asked if F1 was his destiny.

"I'm not really comparing myself to anyone now in F1, obviously it's to my dad who I compare myself to. To see what he did, which steps he took and what he did different to others, and also see what positives I can take from that.

But he added he is keeping a close eye on the current state, saying: "There are so many talented drivers in F1, otherwise they wouldn't be there, and it's always good to speak to each one of them and try to learn as much as possible."

Michael Schumacher won a record 91 Formula One grands prix and seven world titles.

His son is in his first year in F2 after winning the European F3 series in 2018, with a fifth-place finish his best result in the first four season races.

Mick Schumacher is part of Ferrari's young driver academy and last month had his first F1 test drives for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

"It is very important to do one step after the other. We have done that up until now and F2 should now be the final step before F1," he said.