Fikile dreams of running full-time

Running the Comrades ultra-marathon since 2006, year could be Mbuthuma's 12th medal. Photo: supplied

Running the Comrades ultra-marathon since 2006, year could be Mbuthuma's 12th medal. Photo: supplied

Published May 30, 2018


DURBAN – KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) golden queen, Fikile Mbuthuma won’t give up her dream of clinching the Comrades Marathon title.

Mbuthuma has been running the famous ultra-marathon since 2006. She is gunning for her 12th medal.

Although she feels she is not ready to win the race this year, she but won’t abandon her dream of winning the marathon in future.

Mbuthuma was chatting with Independent Media at the weekend where she was a guest speaker at the Comrades Ladies Extravaganza at Kingsmead in Durban.

“My goal this year is to run and finish the marathon. I have no doubt that I will make it in to the top 20. If I’m able to make it in to the Top 10, it will be a bonus. I will definitely get silver.

Mbuthuma added: “It is difficult for me to win the Comrades Marathon because I’m also working. I work an eight-hour shift and then after work I go straight to training. 

In some instances, you will find that I’m too tired and end up skipping training. But I always try and balance my schedule. If I can get more sponsors and only concentrate on my job as a runner, I would have more chance of winning the title."

“I won’t quit before I win this marathon. I will try until I get it right.”

Mbuthuma works as a receptionist at Medi-cross in Malvern in Durban. She works Monday to Sunday and only gets one day off per week.

“If I can get one month’s proper training, I believe I can win the Comrades. But I don’t get that time because I have to be at work.

“I started Comrades Marathon as social runner. When I started, I received silver and then I followed that up with a gold.

“The gold medal motivated me. I want to achieve more in my career,” Mbuthuma explained.

Despite sustaining a hamstring injury, Mbuthuma is ready to rumble in this year’s marathon on June 10.

“The preparations for Comrades have gone well. I had an hamstring injury but I’ve recovered. I ran two ultra-marathons leading up to Comrades. I took part in the Two Oceans and the 48km ultra on the South Coast. I won that one, (so) I’m ready for the Comrades Marathon.”

Mbuthuma is regularly the first female athlete from the province to cross the line.

“I put myself under a lot of pressure. I always try and push to make sure that I don’t disappoint my fans.

“I have a good record in the down run. I enjoy it more.” Mbu-thuma con-cluded.


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