David Frost. File photo: AP


Johannesburg - South African senior champion golfer David Frost's estranged wife Cornelia Frost wants about R10 million before she will agree to a divorce, Rapport reported on Sunday.

The marriage was dissolved in the US in January, and Frost went on to marry Colene Visser - ex-wife of South African Big Brother Winner Ferdinand Rabie - but the divorce was later set aside by a court order.

Frost told the newspaper his refusal to pay the money had led to the divorce not being finalised.

“Colene and I do not mind that our marriage is not valid for now.... It is only a piece of paper,” he was quoted as saying.

“Colene is the woman I needed by my side 20 years ago. I can not describe the feeling when I stand on the 18th hole and this angel hugs and kisses me. I have wondered which feeling is better: to win or Colene? And it's definitely Colene.”

According to the report, Frost had paid his estranged wife R35 000 a month maintenance since June 2011.

Her lawyer Leon Frank told Rapport he did not know how Frost arrived at the settlement amount of $1m.

The Sunday Times reported that Cornelia had asked a US judge to find Frost in criminal contempt for perjury for denying that he forged her signature to sell their house, and of filing a false divorce notice to marry Visser.

Frost told The Sunday Times he would stick with Visser and would weather what he claimed was a “malicious action”.

“I will rather be married in soul to the woman that I love than an evil, money-sucking woman. Since Colene is by my side, my golf game improved despite all this nonsense,” he was quoted as saying. - Sapa